Charlie hit the blasphemy

Charlie hit the blasphemy

In General, five years ago I never would have thought that our society will have such a painful reaction to the two drawings foreign magazine. Even more surprising, what were the cartoons.

«Charlie Hebdo», who would say that no, the magazine is unique. The uniqueness he has earned with the blood of January 2015, and its importance to French culture and society significantly above many other periodicals and journals. Not many publications were able to publicly declare war on Islamic fundamentalism, especially after the case of the Danish cartoonist Kurt Vestergaard. Vestergaard is still under the protection of his government, and regularly try to destroy for what the man described the reality. We often see fanatics are a satire on themselves, their beliefs and their idols. But who would have thought that such a reaction is possible here, in Russia, which has always been famous for their crazy free-thinkers.

In our country this is called a very capacious word – blasphemy.

– Dmitry Peskov –don’t know if it’s possible to publish these two drawings that caused a nationwide anger at different levels, from the conductors to the Ministers. So just describe. One drawn caricature of the militant «Islamic state», in which falling debris of the aircraft and passengers, and signed: «the Russian air force intensified bombing». The second cartoon entitled «the dangers of Russian low-stake». Her skull says: «I had to fly by Air Cocaine». In fact, this is a reference generally to other news, on Board the French aircraft was discovered 690 kilograms of cocaine. Such are the cases. More figures nothing, and this with some reasons unknown to us is called blasphemy. Scandalous dudes just showed what is happening in the world through the art of French cartooning, with more than one or even two centuries.

I just don’t understand. We – secular, democratic, atheistic newspaper. The concept of blasphemy does not have any value for us. We comment on the news, like all other publications. The Kremlin is trying to distract thus attention from other problems by providing Russian citizens with such an outlet. These figures are not caricatured characters. We just comment on the event and show your opinion on it. And we do it every week.

– Gerard biard, the chief editor of «Charlie Hebdo» –

For France, the cartoon is for us cakes and brew. This popular game, known since Rabelais. People could not Express their dissatisfaction with the attitude of the government directly, so they had to show originality. Of course, all art is critical against the society, it identifies problems, but does not say that everything is fine. And humor, albeit a morbid one, as I better than anything else. Someone says that «too little time has passed since the tragedy.» But let’s not be idiots and look at what is ridiculed and what not.

So, I see on the cartoons a few things that really belong to Russia:

1) Russia is bombing ISIS, but can’t protect its own passenger planes, and then: «Where are you going, Russia?» – tells us the French weekly.

2) the Fleet of many Russian airlines godless, it’s outdated and should be changed. This was, in fact, and referred on all Federal media lately.

Maybe you know, where the cartoon depicts the mockery of the victims of the Sinai tragedy? Charlie Hebdo does not postulate anything, does not say, he just transmits it through a caricature drawing against the French, and partly of our society in relation to the latest news. What is blasphemy? Now about the tragedy expressed by all media, not only is this scandalous newspaper. Or is it the fact that we have forgotten how to understand something that is not literal, can not perceive the newspaper as something with double meaning?

You know what we think it is real blasphemy? Here, for example, recently opened a store online that sold the clothing to support the families of the victims. Actually, what is blasphemy? Probably that guys, and Russia, really earn money on the dead, giving the families some tiny percentage. Ohrenet are doing good, I swear!

But, of course, to find among their assholes do not want to discuss the economic issues too, but you can always wish painful death of the magazine, which even in Russian is not published. And the death that crazy at all, as we have seen, is not terrible. And I would also like to note that the «Charlie Hebdo» is not a rally against the victims on the A321 aircraft, and what did the January 17, Ingushetia or Chechnya January 19? Thus, organized mass rallies to ease off shot edition to Express, so to speak, their opinions about the cartoons. Life is infernal boomerang as it seems.

Choosing a side in konopiska the clash of civilizations, remember that there are no such values that at least someone, but not insulted. And justifying the ability to punish for the words, no matter what kind of words you are justified, but who will one day come to kill you.

Ivan Davydov, Deputy chief editor of the magazine the New Time –We are here brought a lot of statements from different sides. And still believe that there are many dudes that will say, «To hell with the French and the freedom of speech!» And that is their right. Trend what to say. And there is not even a problem specifically in our country. «Charlie Hebdo» actually has a lot of haters among Western Europeans, because their publication does not depend on the rules of propriety, the decency of the French including. Remember though the previous scandal figure dead of immigrant children. Charlie making fun of everyone and everything that gets on the front pages of the main French Newspapers, and will continue to do so. The counterculture in its purest form, which received such wide publicity because of his haters. If it is difficult to understand, the pain increases a little below the waist, removed in a very simple way: simply do not read the «Charlie Hebdo», you’re not part of their target audience. How, in fact, myself.

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