Charles Bronson — the most famous criminal of Britain and just a very funny and controversial bro


Our today’s hero is a real professional criminal whom a bro is considered the most dangerous criminal in the world. At the same Michael Gordon Peterson (the name of this guy, actually) never killed anyone and was not even beaten to death. On account of his are robbery, hostage, demanding as ransom a Cup of tea, but there is no murder. But all his life after becoming the path of crime and chaos that bald Joker was on the loose in between sitting in prison for only 69 days.

Bronson, by the way, despite his at first sight very destructive kind, comes from a very supportive middle-class family. Lumpen can not say! His first crime he committed in 1974 when he committed an armed attack on a post office. His prey was only a few pounds, and Michael was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

In jail, Michael saw the film «death wish» actor Charles Bronson and took appropriate nickname and a mustache. While steeper than the Bronson among the actors to imagine anyone is simply impossible. And Michael himself was certainly very steep.

Apparently, the newly minted Bronson loved scary PR any way possible. None of all prisoners in Britain have not changed so many prisons and had on his account many fights with the guards as our hero. Once Bronson had even daubed with oil, took the guard prisoners and scuffled with dozens of prison security.

Sometimes Charlie had been released from prison, but each time came back. Prison he called the «cozy hotel.» One day when he ended up in the hospital, he even decided to kill one of the patients that is there to go back to jail. Fortunately, the guy survived, and Bronson was back in jail.

To fight with the guards and survive Charlie helps just stunning physical form. This bro, by the way, can do 172 press-UPS per minute, 90 push-UPS for 30 seconds. 1727 pushups for an hour and 1790 of flexion of the press in an hour. It helped Bronson naked, severely beat 19 prison guards.

Charlie has written several books about his live and times in prison. One book, by the way, on how quickly and effectively get hammered in prison. And even in conditions of solitary confinement.

Also among the books of the Bronson you can find the guide to prisons in Britain.




In 2009, Michael made the film.


Charlie now sits, and it sits a total of about 40 years. He is probably in his cell, swinging or draws. Or writes another book. In England there is a movement for the freedom of Bronson. These guys think Charlie’s a good man. What do you think, dude?

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