Charged Mazda 3 mps sports car for men who like to go fast

You can love or hate «Mazda», but one must admit that in recent years, this modest Japanese company has made considerable progress in sports and design endeavors. A Mazda 3 MPS, the heroine of today’s test is probably one of the most striking confirmations.

Not just. For example, this is the fastest today «Mazda», and even exotic coupe RX-8 it will be left behind. Yet the Mazda3 MPS is the most common of sports «Mazda». And finally, most of these sports «Mazda», she is also the newest. It is also important that the most accessible and practical.

The first generation charged «dolls» went in utterly sheep skin. A serious dynamics and excellent handling were hiding in the ordinary form. To recognize this car Vovk first sight was possible far not to everyone. The modern version is even more radical and fresh!

With the debut of three-pointers of the second generation began a new stage in the evolution of design in the style of zoom-zoom. Bright red «aneeska» rings faces and artfully paired surfaces. Seems that even standing still, this hatchback is cutting the space and rushes forward. The wings are accented, lighting hypertrophied, and the front part now rasped mouth of the air intake (how unusual plastic radiator grille with a few smiles!). Crowned with a spectacular picture of the spoke wheels, which Mazda called three-dimensional. A big step forward in design is obvious, and the version of MPs as a whole looks much meaner and more effective standard.

The body not only looks new, but is fraught with a number of improvements that allowed to lose 25 kg weight loss and make the structure stronger by about 15 %. High-strength steel there is 17% more than before. Area cups shock absorbers reinforced Central tunnel was thicker. The Japanese also report improved aerodynamics and stability at high speed, as well as optional clamping force, which creates the beautiful spoiler on the fifth door. Well, for the machine with big wheels and a body kit developed drag coefficient really a CX of 0.32.

Inside the top version found good-quality sports seats with good lateral support and the emblem of the «MPS» on the back. Steering wheel and transmission lever cover stitched with red thread, the illumination devices of the same color. Panels are finished in a curious dark red plastic with overflow and seat trim in the Central part of texture and pattern in common with these plates. Stylish.

From the ceiling, punched a blue ray is the point and led backlight. The devices also have blue in the design. And strips around the audio controls like the last version, starting to wink when you change the volume of the sound. Also pomigivayut and indicators separate climate control when the temperature changes. All this gives a little stritreysera and orientation of the developers on a relatively young target audience.

Charged Mazda 3 mps sports car for men who like to drive fast. However, the salon has grown and improved. Front panel is decorated nice elastic plastic, the build quality is superior. But there are low cost solutions, which do not allow to forget that you’re inside the «Mazda». For example, greenish frankly poor information displaces, which in Russian cars instead of the color one with navigation (as in Europe). Or cheap the sound of slamming doors. Or, as before, not the best soundproofing, especially arches.

However, the affordable price, is always reasonable cause for existence, and our Mazda good first performance, for which, perhaps, begin.

Briefly about the improvement. Well-known to us the 2.3 MZR with DISI direct injection with turbine implemented a new program the throttle and induction system. Characteristics have not changed (260 HP and 380 Nm), but the draft control (or rather, its buildup) was slightly smoother. Advanced traction control governs the boost pressure is now more flexible, making it a limited-slip differential smoothly. If you are «green», you’ll probably be happy because the engine now complies with Euro-5, thanks to a hitherto unknown catalytic Converter, made using nano-technology.

But the gearbox structurally has not changed, except that the gear ratio is now a little stretched, in order to slightly improve performance efficiency. The architecture of the suspension is exactly the same as on the previous model — McPherson front, memorycache back. Characteristics have undergone correction, the elements of the chassis are reinforced. So here is the exact ponastroila.

The engine pulls well from the bottom, allowing you to move with proper pedaling even with blanks. Moment and thrust increasing smoothly, and manage a little easier. But only if we are talking about civil modes of motion. Should go for all the money, as «Mazda» immediately turns into a vicious beast powerful front-wheel drive, where the front wheels do not always behave as desired by sitting behind the wheel.

There is still need to decide how to drive. Or enabled systems, or without. In both cases, you can move very quickly. But if the «e-collar» is disabled, you know that now you don’t have a smart and proper assistant and all the charm of a overloaded pull the front drive will have to decide for yourself. We, of course, select the option without assistants — the most honest. But before that evaluate their performance. In the drive mode the «default» MPS less picks in hand and significantly relieves the wheel from the parasitic torque taxiings. And that happens pretty quickly. But at the same time, you feel that the car gives is not the maximum capacity that the motor all the time as if slightly snuffed out, that the machine does not reveal the dynamics fully. I think in the summer, the hot rubber and hot dry pavement help insurers would have been even more obscure.


The nature of the motor has not changed. To 3 000 rpm it just pulls steadily, allowing quite rapidly, but at the same time and cost to drive in city traffic. With 3 000 to 4 000 rpm there is a rapid increase in thrust, and then turbine makes a powerful breath into the lungs of the engine and starts what people like MPS. Powerful slight speed up, leap forward! And if the first two gears for slippage the features of the engine to fully disclose is not possible, at the highest gear is just a hobby. The capabilities of the engine a good demonstration of how aggressively the car accelerates in 6th gear from 120 to 200 km/h.

However, many «horses» and «Newtons» on the front wheels turn and a number of disadvantages. Stiff suspension here is not the best, in terms of intensity and if you go gas, you need to closely check the condition of the roadway. And pit or pothole, which was relatively quiet to drive at a fixed speed, under the hood ready to deliver a powerful blow to the front suspension. So much so that she «goes» to the limiter, telling the body unpleasant loud impact.

Moscow roads in anticipation of winter — not the best quality, and if going fast on a track or just slightly bumpy surface, again, accelerating under thrust, you have to be ready for constant steering input. Bagel like a living goes from side to side. Sameblock, of course, adds stability. But his work is felt, when the unloaded wheel suddenly feels the contact patch — again have to adjust the trajectory. However, to find fault with sameblock I’m not going. I remember the experience of riding on other charged hatchback — without him. There is the situation with traction control much more advanced. Especially in the case when the start turns.

«A three-MPs» to attack any turn becomes an attraction: the calculation of the braking points, entry, open the choke, lock, hook the inner wheel and a steady output with good acceleration! And the point of a lock is felt and also how it affects taxiing. Sports? How!

Fans of drift sameblock also help. I have a couple of s turns, which sometimes pass sideways. So, I put in one of these MPs, and stood up and almost perpendicular to the trajectory, deeply. Itself I hit the gas, pulling her pull back, I feel that I will deploy now. However, fortunately, I underestimated the help of samboka — machine stuck in the dead center and pulled out the same on the right trajectory, it’s nice ponimavshih the wheel at the end point.

By the way, here taxiing in the same way as the motor was slightly better and clearer, because the steering now has not two, but three locking points that, in theory, would affect the definition of work.

The movement at high speed is given to this car a joy. The stability of motion has increased, nervousness, no no, even if rush 180-200 km/h on a wet road. Braking from that speed too, so you can break into a full-length, friend. Electronics intelligently distributes the force on the wheels, the ABS keeps on the straight line, the sensitivity of the pedals is good, and efficiency is exactly the same discs and calipers as on the previous version, enough.

Assessing the full range of changes that have occurred with this machine, you can and should say that it has changed only for the better. All the strengths of the first version, it kept all of the bad or otherwise adjusted. As for positioning in a broad class of charged competitors, and then position mazda3 MPS look very confident. The price does not bite, the exterior of the actual dynamics is one of the best. For fans of front-wheel drive sport differential, that is still a rarity in the class. In other words, this MPS again doomed to success, and rightly so.

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