Changes require our hearts: never change this

manygoodtips.com_28.04.2014_YClav7G24zykIChange is a normal part of life. It is an inevitable part of it! Fear of change makes no sense, also how to avoid them. Life changes, but you can not change some things completely, otherwise you, as it did not sound snobbish, lose yourself.

People always seem to think to invent itself from scratch, the best thing you can do with them. They don’t realize that often enough to change some things in yourself, not fully himself, replacing new invented by someone. People move, change friends, change what they like to do. Sometimes it’s for the best.

But there are a few things you should not change ever. These changes will not bring you happiness, and they are made most often for someone.

1. The little things that make you smile

They make us smile just so. Those are the things that truly make our lives worthwhile. For example: a funny video on YouTube, funny habits, jokes and jokes with his friends and something like that. Why to refuse them?

2. Favorite elements in clothing

Do you like heavy boots, cowboy hat and shirts with prints of old games, but you get older and someone told you already that you should look for an adult as a teenager? Don’t deny yourself this! One thing is style, another thing favorite things in clothes that did not spoil, if you wear them to the place.

3. The ability to see the good in people

With the age and number of cones you can lose the ability to see the good in people, and it reduces the chance of a normal interaction with other people. Each m*a duck has something good, let it be in a single instance. Why? Because even the biggest shit may not be completely in the shit — choke.

4. A sense of humor

Never give up sense of humor, it is believed that it makes you human! Of course, you need to learn the concept of relevance of a particular joke. It is also good to learn how to joke to place on sensitive topics is useful.

5. Your Hobbies

If you absolutely genuinely like her, don’t push it. There is nothing wrong with that at thirty years old to play with toys, and in the forty tanks to collect world war II. If someone in your surroundings (it often happens that it is the beloved woman), begins to hint to you that your «toys» — it’s an immature hobby, they passed in a certain direction. There’s nothing wrong with a hobby, any. Moderate nerds are wonderful people, they make the world happier and brighter.

6. Sense of self

Instead to destroy the building of your «I» completely, why not build an extra floor or slightly bend the interior decoration? You will never be able to completely destroy your self-image is impossible. You should not even try.

7. Dreams and ambitions

Give up the dream, almost the same as to give up your life. Dreams make us better, of course, if they are realistic. However, the realism of the dream — the question is moot. For someone unrealistic dream of overpopulation on another planet, and for some unrealistic dream — moving to another country. If you put a number of effort, you can become an entrepreneur, artist or writer. Another thing, if you can achieve recognition in this field? To control the opinions of the crowd and love it — it’s hard. Dreams really do better never to change, you can change the shape of dreams, to complement her, but not to give up completely.

8. Friends who have shown themselves to be decent people

Life gives us true friends very often. Many now living will never be a true friend, but only parasites and symbionts. Liaise with good proven people, but not namasivaya: they can abandon you, understand that this is normal and don’t get used to it.

9. What do you like simple and sometimes embarrassing things

Beer, fatty big Mac, to lie on the grass, pet the cat, sit with friends, play silly casual games like Call of Duty or DOTA. It seems to be not much impact on health, but for some reason they criticize these things, as petty-bourgeois, simple and unworthy of an intelligent person. Love these things? Someone tells you that it is unworthy of a reasonable man? Was it in a certain direction and play, and drink beer. Within reasonable limits, of course!

10. The ability to see beauty

Some believe that man should not admire the beauty of nature, flowers, the night sky, or an ancient amphorae. They say, must be done by women, and a man is harsh, smelly, and beauty he can’t understand. This is complete nonsense! Remember how many great artists, poets and famous people feel deeply among men. Like a beautiful sky or a painted landscape, take a deep breath and say, «Beautiful!»

11. The desire to get to the bottom of things

The desire and ability to seek the truth or more information about something is not a nuisance but a normal feature of healthy hard-working person. Moreover, we offer you to dig deeper, until you reach what you like best from the options.

12. The ability to love

If you have several times burned by the bad women, don’t think they all are! There are a lot of different people, and if you get similar and boring girls is not a reason to abandon the ability to love and treat girls like symbionts, which are more like parasites.

13. Faith

We’re not talking about religion and faith in a divine entity, it is possible to change and how times quite successfully changing with time in most people. We are talking about faith in yourself and faith in other people nearby. Again the hackneyed phrase, but they are not that stupid, and from what they are used incorrectly.

14. Ethical standards

Each their own, really. Don’t change them, but not to engage in moralizing.

15. Morality

Of course, over time you can stop treating anal sex and girls with tattoos as something bad. But a core group still needs to stay. It is best not to abandon moral principles at all, wrong by becoming a nihilist.

16. Openness

Unfortunately, most people are extremely closed. They naively think that this can help them to get rid of bad people who want to poison their lives. These guys don’t understand that if someone wants to spit in the soul, the closeness and stiffness will not prevent him. That can really prevent it, as is the ability to position yourself so that these people don’t dare to spit anywhere.

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