Change the work, such as gloves

manygoodtips.com_14.11.2014_Wm2PMCYJ0mbWePerhaps Friday night is not a good time for reflection on the meaning of life, but even the least existential of us sooner or later think about this question. Particular fury such thoughts torment those who are every day with print of universal longing and sorrow on her face gets on the hated work. This can be a high school graduate who landed her first serious job, but has already managed to realize that this is definitely not his place. Or an office worker who overcomes retching at the sight of his colleagues, only remembering about the awesome benefits package, insurance and the amount of quarterly bonus. But, getting up every morning to work they hate, can be equated to hatred all his life.

To live to work? Work to live! And although you Express their identity through their Hobbies, interests and passions, work exactly the same makes you quite specific ideas, identifying you through the job: I am an economist; I’m a writer; I am a merchant of tat. And throughout our lives, with some degree of courage and determination, we go through a lot of bad/wrong jobs, casual work, to finally find the right profession that will completely match our Ya.

Therefore, if your workbook has almost no free space, don’t panic or despair, because a man with such experience knows more about life than all the rest, and as no one else is aware of the benefits of these searches, after all, changing job, such as gloves, you have a great opportunity to…

1. Find out what you don’t want to do

The answer is «work» doesn’t count. The first steps on the career ladder clearly and without embellishment showing us that dreams do not coincide with reality. For this reason, many graduates do not go to work, because all the bright images dissipated like a ghostly haze, from the harsh and merciless world of the world. And if you left a job you didn’t like it, don’t count the time killed her, a waste. Without this experience you would not know in practice, where and under what conditions exactly more will not work.

2. To understand how important the role of play in your life money

A second job will help to dot the E in question is your relationship with finances. Even if you have not found your dream job, but probably found the salary of his dreams. Do you think that in a few years when I finally save up for a nice car, this purchase will be the perfect balm for your tired unloved work of the soul. Who cares about constant stress, irritability, boredom, and insomnia, if your monthly wage of the entire nation of Burundi may be a shock for the whole year. I wonder how long can you last? And how soon will understand that these wrappers will not fill the gaping hole inside, as if you had?

3. Find your passion

So you decided that it was too young to become a bag of bones, drooping over with gold. Your third work will help to find your way. You start to look for something that you’re really interested, and even willing to start from scratch, signing up for various internships, attending seminars and lectures focused on some retraining and a shift in emphasis. Now you are ready to make sacrifices to try to build a career wherever they want. This is a key point that helps to understand whether the game is worth the candle, because without the long hours of grueling schedules and thankless task you do not understand, how important you are to your goal.

4. To experience

Now you’re an old hand, and while it’s not your dream job, but you’re definitely close. You started from the beginning, been through countless trainings and courses, clear your mind and almost Zen. You managed to catch on and get a job in the industry that is respected and even more, feel proud that you are part of it. Though it’s not the job of your dreams, but only so far, and you’re definitely on the right track.

5. To make a career

Well, now you need to throw all their forces to reach the heights that you deserve. It will be proof of your existence, your meaning of life and career that define who you are, becomes a vivid expression of you and your passions. This story is not about money, fame or pride, but of love, which is mutual. This is just your way of life and only your life is up to you to decide how to live it, and time to decide you have enough.

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