Change in spite of everything

manygoodtips.com_14.01.2015_Kk4uk4FajApEiEvery intelligent living being drawn to the change, and you, man, is no exception. This is a normal phenomenon which psychology calls it the personal growth, the desire of the individual to self-actualization. Usually, these beautiful and challenging words on the matter are embodied so well: how can we find the strength for a morning run when calling for a window, gushing rain, and drowsy mind craves to take a NAP for another hour?!

Don’t be sad, man! We found a way for you. In this article, there are three short but useful advice that you can practice even while watching TV series with his girlfriend, lying on the couch and munching self-esteem.

1. Affirmation

As stated in one ancient book, «In the beginning was the Word.» Affirmation is a word, often a phrase, which a man repeatedly and persistently repeats vdalblivaya a specific image or setting your unsuspecting subconscious.

For example, the phrase «I’m good» – a vivid example of affirmations. Diamonds her to himself during Breakfast, displaying patience at work or in the evening, in the ear of the girl who asks to send the fare. It will take time and the unit is located in the head, forcing the mind and body to feel their own superiority over ordinary mortals around.

By the way, constant thoughts of mortal existence and injustice of the world – also affirmations, which, in addition to will settle in the subconscious and lead a guerrilla war against the good mood, personal self-esteem and all that you love. Get rid of them!

2. 60 seconds

It is about a one minute rule that is so loved by the master of positive psychology and other charlatans, who know how to help. However, the method is really effective, and most importantly, convenient, especially when lack of time and effort.

One minute a day is a real trifle: can tolerate all sorts of tricks and vicissitudes of life, steadfastly to listen to the speech of the chief, to talk with your ex or even listen to the Remix of American football. Choose any activity that you’ve been wanting to let into your life and give him exactly 60 seconds. You can put a timer or stopwatch to take. Your mission is to cheat your own brain who is afraid of global challenges, searching for witty excuses. One minute is not difficult, so stop throwing your goals and dreams in a drawer, even if you do this graceful three-point throw.

3. Food for thought

We will not go into details, but your brain is the most complex object in the universe, the center of the whole body, and even the voracious energy-consuming organ that requires the right food.

We do not encourage going on a diet. The goal is normalization of blood sugar levels, and it is enough not to lean on the sweet and add in your diet slow carbohydrates.

To fulfill the mission of perfect whole-grain breads, oatmeal, rice, buckwheat porridge, fruit and most vegetables. By the way, it is better to eat many times per day, than fill the stomach late dinner. Yeah, get in the habit for Breakfast.

Not immediately, but after a month or two changes will occur: the brain will start to consistently get sucrose that you will be rewarded with a burst of energy and applause from the face of evolution; improve mood intricate, positive attitudes, and the habit not to be afraid to take on the case will be nicer than the desire to lie on the couch. The main thing – to start, but a long time ago you already know us.

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