Chandeliers with the bottles

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There is probably nothing more severe bars of Noir movies where tough guys in long coats pure drinking Scotch and strictly look at the bodies of strippers. As for sin City, man. Why don’t you move all this severity to his home? Of course, this idea may seem strange to you, but pay a minute attention to those things that we are going to show you.

Before you is a collection of chandeliers made of bottles, they look just unreal strictly. If you think it’s just a few bottles, collected together in a figure, you’re wrong: most of the chandeliers are made of a very clever way. When the room lights are off, it’s just a regular bottle, sealed together. But it is necessary to turn on the light, as the room sparkle paint, and each bottle will find its own color.

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On the website you can find different models of chandeliers for every taste and every wallet. Each bottle, by the way, absolutely real when it splashed some of these drinks. Prices also range from hundreds of dollars to several thousand. If you’re interested, then go on

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