Challenge every day: how to change your life for the month


They say that the habit is formed a month. We already told you about how to get rid of bad habits, and now we have a more optimistic topic: how to form good habits. If you want to have the wont to do something good, it takes dedication and not be afraid of this word, cultivation. So you should challenge yourself for a minimum of 30 it for the result to become visible. Yes, it’s not easy. To determine whether you need to get involved in all this, ask yourself: «what I want to be in five years?» What habits will help you do that? Better start to change now, and your life will begin to change with you!

It’s never too late to become better, so choose one or several paragraphs and start today! Bring notes about your progress, tell your friends about it and keep started. Warning: if you opt for too many habits at once, you can fail — so don’t overdo it.

1. Every day write or tell someone what you like about him (just)

You can Express it both verbally and in writing: in a note, SMS or email. This is a great way to understand that this person you care about. We so often focusareas on the bad, that we forget to talk about the good. So you anyway will make someone’s day good, not putting in effort.

2. Every day to speak with a stranger (difficult)

This is awesome! Helps to overcome fear to talk to someone first. You have been there, what do you want to walk up to someone and afraid, and therefore convince yourself that you really don’t want to do? You have to let that with this unfounded fear! If you are 30 times talk to strangers, you finally realize that people are just people, and there is nothing wrong with that, talk to someone you don’t know.

3. Taking pictures every day (difficult)

It’ll become complex by the end of the test, because you begin to run out of ideas. But it can make a real previously taken — a very interesting case!

4. Daily reassessment of their views (medium)

Very useful, by the way, rethink their own beliefs and such ways to get rid of prejudices and other obscurantism, clearing the mind for new beliefs were more relevant, better applicable to life.

5. A daily half-hour walk (just)

Walking is good for health, it relaxes and is a source of inspiration. And it is easy and absolutely free! While walking is very interesting to look at other people, thinking about how they are similar and than differ from each other, and specifically with you. So you can develop the powers of observation and empathy.

6. Take the time to Pat ourselves on the back (just)

Do you love yourself? You console yourself after you make a mistake? It is very possible that you are too demanding and hard on yourself. This is all because our society sets for men such high standards which are almost impossible to achieve. And so we often think aren’t good enough, that we something it does not deserve. It is something like self-flagellation, which is often compared with self-destruction — but it is quite another phenomenon directed on the reverse reaction. In General, neither good. This skill will teach you to accept you for who you are, even with the flaws that you do not really like. You will be less likely to be discouraged and begin to accept your imperfections as an integral part of life. And from your attitude depends on how others perceive you.

7. Every day try a new recipe (medium)

If you want to learn to cook, you need one: practice, practice and practice! Give yourself a challenge: every day try a new recipe, and you will learn new techniques and ingredients. And so it is possible to get rid of bad eating habits and turn them into healthy.

8. Give up alcohol, nicotine and other drugs for a month (individual degree of complexity)

You don’t remember when the last time came from a party sober? And you all can have fun without being under the influence of substances that alter your perception? It was a cool challenge to learn to resist social pressure.

9. Write a story of length 50 000 words per month (difficult)

Ever wanted to write a book? Do it. Do it for a month.

10. Learn to draw the human person per month (environment)

We have already told you how to learn to draw. Use our manual, if you still want to learn it — practice every day, seven days a week! Challenge yourself — you’ll be surprised how much progress you will achieve in 30 days.

11. See documentaries every day (just)

Always wanted to broaden my horizons? Fortunately, in the XXI century, the era of computers, unlimited Internet and torrent trackers! You can find a lot of documentaries and learn almost everything.

12. A day procetive Chapter of the book (just)

Yes, we know: to read is useful enough to sit at the computer and spoil the eye, spoil their book, you’ll be well-read. If you have this, the soul does not lie — procetive a day at least on Chapter. One at a time. Easy, isn’t it? Let it turn into a pleasant pastime: sit in a chair, pour yourself some tea or coffee, turn on ambient.

13. Study you are interested in the subject for a month (difficult)

Always wanted to understand the animal psychology? Philosophy? History of foreign literature of the middle ages? Engage in self-education! Pick a topic, make a plan and go!

14. Every day get to University or work new road (easy)

This is a good way to better know your city, and to understand the manifold transport routes — especially if you recently moved. And you will turn a routine into an adventure and pay attention to what lurks in seemingly ordinary places.

15. Read article every day (just)

A great way to get inspiration and new ideas — and just have fun!

16. Give up media for a month (medium)

Don’t watch TV and stop reading Newspapers and news sites. Limited to read, say, five blogs. Block their accounts in social networks. Stop overloading yourself with information, live simply. You’d be surprised how much you’ll have free time!

17. Come on, for a month the habit (difficult)

Do you smoke? Always see only the negative side of things? You have low self esteem? You eat fast food? Playing too much video games? Drop something for a month and instead pick something from our list.

18. Visit every day (just)

Studies have shown that people who have sources of inspiration, always more than happy, pleasant, productive, and do not go out of the way, if you meet difficulties. So print out some quote and attach it to the mirror. Get yourself an inspirational video and put it on the home page. Read the mantra. Get yourself a life principles. In short, every day is an inspiration itself!

19. Take a cold shower every day (medium)

Cold shower improves mood, relieves stress and disease that it causes, strengthens the immune system and beneficial for the skin.

20. Think about the achievements that want to make over the next 30 years — a year in the day (difficult)

It’s a real shock! You can’t answer this question until you comprehend what your life is and in what direction it is likely to develop. By the way, the reason to change, to reflect on their own progress. And to introspect.

21. Practice something every day (just)

You can choose any skill and practice in it. For example, all my life I wanted to learn how to compile the logs and could not complete the training. So let’s give it a try. And there is a lot of: dancing, cooking, parkour — fantasize!

22. Go up the stairs, not using the escalators and elevators (just)

Sometimes I look at these escalators in shopping malls, and they seem funny to me. Especially when it’s coming fat. Too lazy to once again move. So go up the stairs every time you will be given the opportunity. It is good for health and does not look ridiculous.

23. Early Wake up every day (medium)

Aristotle said that to Wake up before sunrise useful for health, wealth, and wisdom.

24. Write a journal (medium)

Very good to post in the memory, and this is useful for introspection. Then it will be very nice to reread it and go back in time and remember its Golden days.

25. Not lie to a month (difficult)

Here is a challenge! Stop kidding yourself and others, speak from the heart. This will develop your personality: you really start to talk about light things, so you don’t have to lie.

26. Combine these calls (just)

Take pictures of yourself reading different books in different places. Walk 10,000 steps on the new route and on the way talk with a stranger ask him any recipe. Every day throw new call — for one day. Wake up to meditate and to praise himself. And finally — a cold shower!

27. Every day do something that scares you (hard)

Fear is something that does not allow you to be better. The only way to overcome it is to go to meet him.

28. Not to complain (difficult)

Sure from the first day that you can’t do it. Even if you’re such a positive guy, it’s hard not to experience negative feelings all day. Do not worry if you fail: all comes with practice. A very good way to learn to control your thoughts.

29. Meditate every day (medium)

The best time is immediately after waking up or before going to bed. Very useful!

30. Every day do something unselfish (just)

Look around and help someone who deserves or doesn’t deserve your kindness. Help your neighbor take out the trash. Give money to the homeless. Do write about it.

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