Chainsaw in the neck…


The guy with the fork in the stomach certainly is a worthy contender. This guy’s name is James Valentine and he got into such a stupid situation not their fault, but by chance. However, there is still not clear. James was an ordinary worker in the filing of nuisance trees and their branches. The man climbed with a chainsaw on the tree where people cut down branches that have grown too high. James Valentine was in a tree in Ross township on Monday afternoon when he accidentally instead of wood stuck a chainsaw in the neck. The man staggered and tried to grab something, the man missed and instead of the branches fell on its own. The cutting portion of the saw blade entered James in the neck, shattering his collarbone and stuck in the meat. Another worker helped him down, and other employees cut the power to the dust on the place to try to limit the bleeding.

Valentine was rushed to the hospital, where he quickly pulled the remnants of the chain from the wound. Strange, but important arteries saw didn’t hurt. Lucky!

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