Caviar: in pursuit of the Russian gold

Everyone shows patriotism. Someone who works for the good of his country, fosters a healthy, adequate new generation and just loves his country with all his heart, and someone this is not enough. Required attribute so that it was clear to all who’s boss. That Italian jewelers, realizing that pantocrine – powers patriots, created its own brand, aimed at Russians who do not mind spending money on insanely expensive swell. A good bluff, as they say, more money. They do not hide it and openly write on his website that the emphasis is on Russian money. And the name warms the soul: Caviar – which means «caviar». Judging by the prices, caviar is definitely black. So let’s talk about how «caviar» makes «the cranberries».

Pobeda 70

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_1i5CBMWI4KVpHGrandfathers fought for the fact that you spent money to correct the iPhone. Love, that is, unpatriotic products – make it Patriotic! Because people complain about the fact that St. George ribbon as a symbol of Victory has long outlived its usefulness. So here is a new trend for the elite because only the elite can afford such a «swell» for 149000 rubles.

The titanium casing is decorated with an engraving technique «guilloche», depicting the famous shot of «the victory Banner over the Reichstag.» In General, all very nice, and even Patriotic than Mel Gibson in the movie «the Patriot.» The case does look brutal, like you’re holding is not a pointless expensive toy, and a charred piece of tank armor. However, the number «70», decorated with the silhouette of the monument «the Motherland calls» and a sign with the words «Glory» gives some extra glamour. Let every man decide for themselves whether to operate as a sacred way, because, in our opinion, it is better to wear the ascetic St. George ribbon than to sing even more pathetic and false praises of the Motherland with such equipment.

Credo Trinita

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_09CM0LfbeyBYWThe network has already managed to discuss in detail God’s phone got the «Orthodox» design through a press of acute languages and insulting comparisons.

The model is devoted to «masterpieces of culture related to world religions.» It reflects the masterpiece of Andrei Rublev’s icon «Trinity» written in the 15th century. One of the most revered icons on one of the most respected phones, what could be better? The ideals of the companies merged, the spiritual guide raped the material and gave the world it’s a miracle. Unknown only one thing: the Italians sell «spiritual» swell is already sanctified, or still have to go to the temple and asked to sprinkle Holy water?

On the other hand, for a godly phone, it will be possible to speak evil, to discuss their case of corruption and other dirty things. Only donations to the temple and good intentions.

In General, after such excesses of all charges in the address «snickering,» awash in luxury the Church seem childish bravado. Because the Church is not to blame, and God was not pleased to «Orthodox «iPhone» was worth 157 000.

Ti — Gold Atlante Russia

manygoodtips.com_17.04.2015_rf49EfzkGPWFr«Ti — Gold Atlante Russia – new precious smartphone, devoted to Russia, indomitable will and strength of its people. Responding to the aggravation of confrontation between Russia and the West, Jewelers Caviar has designed a phone that speaks volumes about the position of its owner, expressing confidence and patriotism», – quotes the great jewelers.

The creators seemed to want to reveal the multifaceted nature» of Russia – a kind and generous», but I see only the emblem and the Kremlin. Stylish? Completely. Nice combination of gold and titanium. However, this design breathes some thermonuclear «cranberry» in the style of drunken Russian generals, KGB, Stalin and the mass repressions under the grey Moscow sky. Can be in shades of gray, and maybe, in a massive clumsy arms – God knows. But the developers said it was Patriotic, then so it is. By the way, patriotism is now 157 000 rupees. So much needs to the young Cossack and his family from Novorossiysk to hold the gas to their house.

Caviar Supremo Putin «Man of the year 2015 Edition» creators call this masterpiece as much «presidential smart phone». As in the case with a smartphone, the Orthodox, say nasty things impossible! Profile of Vladimir, located on the rear panel, hears everything and controls everything. And you laughed at the singer Mashani, who sang a wonderful Serenade of «My Putin.» To some it may seem that fashion is back again the cult of personality. But the fact that cultivates not the Governor himself, and the patriots with a naked, grateful hearts. And this is so generally Italian. Well, gentlemen, keep trying!

By the way, this model will be available only on February 19, masterpiece mass does not happen! To bring your ears and heart to the beloved Supreme Commander can for a modest 189 000. Yes, dear. And you that wanted for Vladimir Vladimirovich saved?! Do you think he is not worthy!? Look how beautiful! The selected bas-relief executed in the sculptural traditions of the Renaissance. What sort of Borgia! And what a beautiful coat! Golden leaf, a Foundation of the back of the phone, decorated with spectacular relief engraving. On the side of the smartphone caused the collector’s inscription: «Man of the year 2015 Edition» and individually numbered copy. In General, you understand that you need to show your uniqueness.

Caviar Credo Bianco Medina, if there has been a dedication to Orthodoxy, there will be a dedication of rapidly growing Islam. However, Muslims appear to be more austere. But the description of this model on the site is written as if he’s Omar Khayyam and Rumi was it. «In a pure and strict silvery radiance precious phone can see an amazing picture: through a bizarre, complex script executed in traditional techniques of «islimi» and «girij», is the image of Masjid an-nabawi, inscribed in the circle of the Crescent and crowned with a star.» High poetry. However, pure silver is worth a lot – 144 000 rubles. But something tells me that the appearance of the gold version is not far off.

The most expensive smartphone is INR 257000 Russian and is called «Unico Firenze Unita». It has no symbolic and religious beliefof, pure Italian design.

But there are some interesting models, dedicated to Armenia (the»Atlante Armenia», 157000 roubles),

The flowering of Azerbaijan («Azerbaijan Atlante», 171000 rubles for gold),

Of Tatarstan («Tatarstan Atlante», 177000 rubles).

And gold solutions for the Russian Federation – Atlante Russia. Crudely, majestic and exciting. And most importantly, a lot of seaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 189000 rubles.

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