Catapult to launch balls of water


Perhaps in early childhood you were thrown to the ground from the height of a balloon filled with liquid. Ball fun were dashed, and the spray flying in all directions. American College students have their fun — like throwing balls at people, to make the balls explode, and people turned into pussies. The fun and only.

Now you have a chance to join such a dubious joy.

Before us is a real catapult for pranks, well, or to exchange pleasantries. Imagine, man: summer, sunshine, you go to the sea together with good friends and let’s go be stupid: water balloons to throw, the girls from the pier face, the friends take a running jump — time, so to speak, to refresh and release to play internal of kinder.

The maximum path length that can fly balloons with water and is about 300 feet, which, admit it, a lot. Pindos put the kit even 50 legkomyslennyh shells for water. Cherish nature, dude! However, it is worth remembering George Carlin on this issue.

Is set 13 bucks.

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