Cat is suspected of spying


As practice shows, espionage can do it all: celebrities, women and even cats. The fact that the cat is the Chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne named Freya… is suspected of spying for the Chinese.

The behavior of tailed Mata Hari seemed suspicious to some dudes. The fact that Freya appeared in the family Osbourne in 2009, but after a few months disappeared, and in 2011 again appeared and managed to become almost the main pied Piper of Britain.

The cat, unlike the former chief Piper cat Larry, who belongs to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, is not idle, and attending military exercises, walk freely in all areas and even wanders into a bar where rest is not the last people in the country. Then, by the way, is escorted home.

Osborne refuses, when Freya is worn on the Ministry that she, say, Treasury and the «she everywhere».

At the same time, the number of people who believe the behavior is suspicious of Freya, is growing. There is even a group of critics who seriously believe that the cat was lured to the «red» side. What she promised? Life of tuna? The mystery remains a mystery.


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