Castle Ola world is going God knows what: everybody cut, kill, Rob, con – in a word, happy, civilized life. In such circumstances, it is very important to keep the most valuable things in a secure safe house under lock and key. Reliable lock. Reliable, in our understanding, this is a large, hinged, and that the size was a ship anchor. Just want, in addition to their reliability, he was still a little bit of modern and technological. Well, maybe someone wants them. And as always, such a market model is. Not to say that it was ahead of its time, rather, is in step with the times. This lock was simply obliged to appear in this decade, and in our opinion, should be universally applied.

So what is it? Talking about the intelligent lock with a delicate maiden name Ola. In this model, we were attracted by a few things. First, a holistic design. This is not a sticker over an existing lock and stubby boltoy mechanism. Ola has its own larvae and the locking mechanism in a housing of anodized aluminum. And yet it has a comfortable handle.

Second, the Ola – built-in fingerprint sensor FPC1020AM, which is, according to the authors, is not only reliable but also the fastest in the market. Using RF scanning achieves high recognition accuracy. Put a finger and the door will open.

Through a mobile application you can add the fingerprints of people who are allowed access, and they do not have to bother neither with the keys nor with phones. And so, on the Bluetooth key (which may be disposable) can also be logged.

On the one hand, it is convenient and safe. On the other hand, if you have guests that you for some reason don’t want to add to the favorites list lock entities (well, you never know, maybe the mother-in-law arrived), have to constantly run with them and open the door uncle from Tashkent, which often comes out to the porch to smoke (it happens).


The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries and one backup AAA. The kit is enough for two years of active work. To replace them, removing the cover from the rear of the castle. So, the panel can be removed without problems, but this does not mean that the burglar can cut down device and get into the house. Then do they can’t.

So, if you want to humiliate the intruders acquire. Only $ 119. Take it!

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