Case-battery, in case you forgot to charge your gadget

You probably now difficult to imagine life without your favorite gadget. No, this is not the conversation type, «But in our time…!». On the contrary, we understand you. Certainly, spending a day without your smartphone, you will learn to value it.

What if you forgot your smartphone at home. He’s near you, but is dead, in this case, he’s no good. I agree, always carry a charging uncomfortable, and not the fact that you’ll be able to find an outlet.

The perfect option for such cases is a little compact battery. Something like an external USB battery , but again, this is not always practical and not very comfortable. What if your phone can be recharged from your case?

Has already invented batteries for smartphones, and you only found out about it? Well, we’ll tell you about couple of assistants.

For iPhone 5/5S


Using the battery case MFI Battery DF-01 you will easily be able to significantly extend the life of your smart. Don’t worry about what the most important point you will not be able to make a call, check e-mails or to unsubscribe from updates to the public with whiny quotes.

This case-the battery is quite thin and you will not notice the difference between him and a normal case. As to this case included interchangeable colored frames, which you’ll be able to pick up any of their few images. The charging time of this battery is 2 hours, and its weight is 80 grams.

For Nokia Lumia 925


With this battery your phone will last up to two or even three times longer than usual. Matte black case will delight you with their minimalism. DF nBattery-01 you will need a travel or weekend, if you decided to sit with a fishing rod in the lake for a few days. This case for the brutal men who appreciate the content, not the bright cover. The capacity of this battery is 2800 mAh and a weight of 78 grams. And this is as much as 2 grams of less than 80, think.

For iPhone 5C


Owners of iPhones spoiled a large assortment of clothes for their gadget. This diversity is observed not only in the ordinary accessories, but also among the covers for the batteries. For example, the case DF iBattery-10. In addition to its performance, this case will delight you with its appearance. This model comes in several colors, specifically black, white, green, yellow, blue, pink. A good gift if not for you, for your friend who always forgets to charge your gadget, but like all bright and colorful.

For Sony Xperia C


If you have a Sony phone, then you know that is almost impossible to find in this gadget case. You will bypass all the shops and in the best case will reach the Chinese case, which on Ebay is worth at least ten times cheaper. We offer you to look at this DF xBattery-01 cover-battery. Not only that, you will have clothes for your smartphone, so you’re still not going to worry about what he discharged in the most inopportune moment. Charging this case is 3.5 hours, and it costs only 1490 rubles. This case will not only save the back panel of your phone but also will protect the display.

For HTC One Dual Sim


HTC, how could you forget about this smartphone when it comes about the battery. If you appreciate the accessories for the phone that they look rough and are not conspicuous, the cover-battery DF hBattery-01 for you. This case will keep your smart phone not only from scratches and chips, but also from the loss of battery power. Practical and minimalistic, we can safely say about this case. The charging time is the indispensable assistant is 5 hours and the cost of 1500 rubles. Admit it, sometimes even the normal case is more expensive.

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