Case Batmobile Tumbler «the Batmobile» for your iPhone

manygoodtips.com_5.02.2015_01J9KcfyRh2axNo matter what the situation was now the world, if not a unique feature of the Japanese people to create a cool, crazy, casual and (mostly) useful things?! So what? Today will surprise us and have a little fun? So, we present you a new Cybernetical for iPhone 5/5s!

The Batmobile Tumbler Case is designed to protect your Apple smartphone from bumps, shocks and scratches. With this accessory your means of communication are not afraid of no villain of Gotham city.

This case in the form of the Batmobile from «the Dark knight» big, bulky, reliable and quality, but it will make the life of your pocket in hell. The Batmobile Tumbler Case with led lights and a small spotlight, is able to broadcast the classic Bat-signal.

This spring you will be able to buy such a cool accessory for the approximate cost of 2,000 rubles and enjoy the new purchase, because everybody knows that men forever remain children somewhere deep in his soul.

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