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manygoodtips.com_8.04.2015_dTdQx5XaSHJY0Any man should be able to fight. Or at least just to try. Consider the most sensitive places and the consequences that could result in too strong a surge of rage. Remember, the main thing is to keep a clear head. The enemy must neutralize, not eliminate. So I look.


I remember as a child your father is trying to teach you to fight, saying, «In the head don’t hurt». The temple is the Achilles heel of the entire skull. The skull is the most durable. Its average thickness is 5 millimeters in the thickest place – 1 centimeter, but in the temple the thickness of the skull’s only 1-2 mm. A strike to this area can lead to not very pleasant consequences: damage to cerebral artery membrane, a concussion, and there death is not far away. And then the prison, ruined life and the status of the killer. Try to prove that you just wanted to stand up for themselves.

It’s a bow

Under dense thickets of eyebrows hiding the flow of blood vessels and nerves. With a weak strike in the superciliary arch vessels burst like balls, causing hemorrhage in the eye that impairs vision, and the impact on the nerve endings guarantees a strong painful effect. Well, the good old dissection, which intervenes in Boxing fights. In General, in the superciliary arch is better not to beat.

The lower jaw

For example, if you are an elegant hook has struck at the place where the lower jaw articulates with the ear, then most likely, your opponent’s jaw broken in small pieces. Professionals call this area «the area of the knockout» as a good blow in this area is striking, oddly enough, the cervical spine, from which the enemy instantly falls. So one punch can stop an opponent, his dirty thoughts.


What would happen if broke like to be hit in the mouth? The main thing here is to not get behind the nasal bones, between the brows, or the blood, snot, blurred vision and loss create. It is not necessary to hit the nose and from the bottom up, no matter how big it was. It is believed that big noses seem to attract the enemy fist. So, if your hands itch, try not to hit with full force and not try to tear down the nasal septum to hell. And it can get a Stephen fry. The Smeller is always sensitive and confusing, so much to try don’t need.


All decent fight competition hitting below the MSRP is strictly prohibited. Maybe you’d like to see this renegade never bred, but try to recover and think about it. No wonder after a child is said to beat on pounce, to put it mildly, awkward. The area is very sensitive, there are so many nerve endings, through which sexual intercourse takes on a second meaning. You don’t hit with full force. Even a relatively weak blow will cause severe pain and force the opponent to bend in half. A stronger shock leads to a change in the orientation and terminates the bladder, which is not good.

Of course, women in cases of self-defense in the first place suggest to beat in the groin. But it is worthy of a man? A controversial issue. If very desperate situation.


As you know, a good punch in the chin leads to a knockout. Either jaw becomes crystal after a good blow. Jaw momentarily distracting, sometimes chaotic teeth hurt the tongue. However, up to the chin first, we have to get to, so good luck! Yes will send a punishing hand of justice your hand!


Same story with the skull. The tearing and bruising – the most harmless that can happen to a body. As a rule, the bone in the jaw is quite fragile and with proper shot falls apart like a sand castle. In the worst case – loss of sight, at best – a painful shock. However, the most important thing is not to hurt the poor unhappy eyeballs.


Eyes – the most vulnerable area of the head. Eyes completely protected from aggression. Even a slight touch of them leads to long-term loss of vision. Therefore it is not necessary to squeeze the eyes of the enemy, trying to scratch of the pupil and to engage in similar nonsense. To hit a little lower please. Even a little higher, but Apple better not to beat. In the best case – a black eye, and broken blood vessels. In the worst – blindness. Although remember this: any attack, of any strength, even weak passes to the eye bezboleznenno. So if you still collect as trophies the eyes of fallen enemies, neither in what does not deny.


I remember how tough guys like Steven Seagal famously cut down bad guys, beating with palms on the ears. A large concentration of nerves makes your ears gentle, suitable for petting and absolutely unsuitable for fight. A good slap in the face to stun the opponent and can even lead to loss of consciousness. If not particularly wise. And in the worst case – considerable blood loss and deafness. But we just need to stun the bastard.

The back of the head

Don’t hit the back of the head. It can be easy to break the vertebrae. High – spirited mental slap, to know their place and temporarily disoriented. But to hit with the elbow is not recommended.

Kneecaps and elbows

To make this monster writhe in pain and lose of balance, kick with the legs from the knees, with both internal and external side of the leg and even the so-called «brakes» – they are the muscles of the thigh. Painful, effective, and not run away. Especially if after hitting the patella shifted. All, consider the foot is not working. Try to hit the supporting leg, so the thing still will collapse, and the effectiveness from the impact will be greater.

As for Shin, the most effective is the impact of external edge of the foot approximately at the level of one third of the length of the tibia from below. In this place the bone is least protected and thin, which can cause a fracture, and if not very strong impact – an unbearable pain, as after a nuclear burns.


Some advise to beat in the armpit, they say, unprotected area, a feeling like an electric shock, the opponent is confused. And a painful shock followed by paralysis of the hand does not bring a lot of joy. Here you need to fight back, but the hand does not move. However, try to get on it. It’s the whole thing.


To break a rib is worthless. A very unpleasant feeling that causes a painful shock, and concern for internal organs. Indeed, the shards can damage internal organs. So, if you reached a knee to the ribs, pray to God that insidious bone has not punctured the lung.

«The sun»

The child in the yard was always at least one clown, who, after a blow to the gut started to yell something about the solar plexus and shouting and crying went to the side muttering something about what just almost killed. And it was nothing to worry about.

Point of the solar plexus – the center of the chest. Around the solar plexus are many vital organs (heart, liver, stomach). Here is the largest concentration of nerves. Edges in this area is not, so it is unprotected and the impact on it is very impressive. Painful shock, difficulty breathing, stomach bleeding, disruption of the heart, loss of consciousness that is the charm of all the consequences of such an attack.

The liver is waiting

In the region of the lower ribs are the liver and spleen. Particularly effective blow to the liver, because, even not being very strong, it leads to the affected organ and the patient completely out of order. The liver lies under the lower ribs on the right side, and should be done with his left hand (fist, elbow, palm side) and the knee in the melee, or to apply a direct kick left foot from the middle distance and the right leg side (the outer edge of the foot). Similar strikes in the area of the spleen, given that it is on the left.

Not particularly sorry to beat drunks who, sometimes, try to stick with threats outside the house. And so they have liver battered in the unequal battle with alcohol, so will not be worse.

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