Cars villains

While the cinema goes through the new part of James bond, let’s remember a few particularly iconic cars, which traveled a different risk guys. TV police chase, it usually ends in nothing. Sad COP eating a donut and looks at his wrecked police car. But this is TV, but the reality is somewhat different.

1. Cadillac Town Sedan 1928

On this he rode al Capone. Famous mafia took care of his health, he traveled only in armored vehicles. However, the armor did not help the «hero» of the great Depression, his body eventually turned into a colander. Asbestos does not help, however, this machine is still considered to be one of the first armored. By the way, was sold at auction for 341 thousand dollars.

2. Lotus Carlton/Lotus Omega

Pretty weird, but among the enterprising British criminals especially popular as «car theft» was boring European sedan Lotus. But I should add that for the daring robbery was used not the usual Lotus and Carlton/Omega, which at the time, in the 90s, made a lot of noise.

First, at that time it was the fastest sedan in the world, he even got into the Guinness Book of records. Secondly, the police could not keep up with the criminals, with some pathetic 24V Senator. And finally, thirdly, under the hood of this car there were 377 horsepower, acceleration to 100 km/h takes just 4.8 seconds.

3. Delaunay-Belleville

Once in France there was a gang of bonnot. Not a musician, but French gangster. They resembled the bad guys from the wild West. Their dark deeds began in 1911, when a gang stole the car Delaunay-Belleville and went to Rob banks. It’s been so long that you can say for sure that the gang Bonneau is the first who escaped from the police by car. In General, the face of the leader of the gang, Jules Joseph bonnot, very interesting. He didn’t just Rob banks, and «ideological»! The anarchists that they take.

4. Ford 1934

The tragic and iconic story of a couple of crazy lovers, Bonnie and Clyde, known to many. And they pretty well got rid of his pursuers for some time, Clyde deftly passed the border States (jurisdiction of one state does not always apply to another). But the end is a little predictable. Their bold Ford was ambushed and suffered heavy shelling by the police such that the police themselves deafened by the sound of the guns.

5. Ford Model A 1930

Public enemy # 1 in the USA, John Dillinger, was engaged in not just meaningless robberies like Bonnie and Clyde. He was a larger fish, and him chasing all the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Edgar Hoover and Roosevelt could not endure quite happy and unique mafia. And it is on this model a Ford Dillinger has successfully run away from-under intense FBI surveillance. Even a 45-minute firefight took him in. For the FBI, then only open the Bureau, it was like a punch in the nose from Paul Hogan. Roosevelt was furious and threatened to close the office.

However, not long after johnny was alive. The FBI got to him in that moment, when mobsters came out of the cinema. Perhaps I shouldn’t have trust information about its position Romanian prostitutes.

6. Jaguar Mark 2

In 1959, when Jaguar Mark 2 debuted, he was a serious and powerful sedan. 220 horsepower, top speed 200 km did this car a real monster. Even sports cars could not compete in many ways with him. A good car is always good for criminals, especially with such a spacious cabin, which could fit the whole gang. As a result the car earned a reputation as a «machine villains» in cinema and the public consciousness.

7. Ford Bronco

And, of course, white Bronco, which belonged to the actor, football star, lover to kill the wives of A. J. Simpson. In General, all the American laws, this guy could hang out in the loop, and the jury at that time did not particularly trust the DNA test and loved his character. In the end Simpson was acquitted, but left the scene of the chase with his participation. Terribly slow scene. This is probably the slowest police chase in the world. However, Simpson is still in prison is, however, for armed robbery and kidnapping he committed in 2007. Fun live overseas, but we have not so boring.

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