Carnegie and hopelessness: how to stop procrastinating and start living

manygoodtips.com_25.12.2013_q8mxeuEASnaOJI am absolutely confident that all the people junkies. No matter who you are, how old you are and who you work for. You are definitely on something sticking out. Booze. Drugs. The Internet. Idleness.

Yes, we are all pathological loafers! We would be happy to do something, trying to take himself by the collar and force to act, but it is stronger than us. Idleness enslave weak humans, idleness enslaved by strong men. To get rid of it you need drugs or booze — for the same movie 12 steps.

Funny and a little embarrassing: I have to admit that you don’t have the will to peel myself from the chair and get down to business. Usually, when I have something unpleasant, I console myself with this: five minutes of shame — and then you no one is watching. So here: the 12 steps of shame, but then live in the mustache does not blow. I propose to create a society of procrastinators anonymous and to shoot them all to tell them about the 12 step program.

1. Admit you’re powerless in the face of idleness and are unable to manage your life

The first step to solving any problem is recognizing its existence. Moreover, you already know that. You are right now, at this very moment, not doing anything with my life, and this gets to you. You have good taste, high expectations, but you’re doing a big fat nothing. You never can do that. Admit it. Take it.

2. There’s something stronger than us that can make us work

Hath and let the system work. A good system will tell you what to do, and give you ready revised and expanded version of yourself. Find this system. It is for everyone.

3. Let the system decide. I wonder whether invented?

Yay! Now you don’t have to decide anything. There is a system that … Just ask her (I am speaking figuratively, you understand?), what you need to do and follow the instructions. Since the system (what a surprise!) made you, you’re always going to follow their desires. Carbon monoxide is a trick: you, on the one hand, seems to solve nothing, and on the other hand, you will obey your desire. I outsmarted everybody!

4. Description of the moral property

More precisely, its own shortcomings. Honestly, where is your weak spot, and enough to avoid the topic. I’ll give an example. The author of the text punctuality shit everywhere and always late, and transfers of the meeting. He accepted this fact, resigned to own hrenovato and lives on. All!

5. Find the cause of their flaws

What do we have above? Now analyze this! I’m late because I don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and familiar order of things. I better finish my coffee before I leave a half Cup, and come to the meeting on time. Why? Because I have all should always be in place, otherwise I lose control.

6. Be prepared that the system is eradicated

I discovered the secret: when something goes wrong, as it should, I’m freaking out. What is my system? That everything is always as it should be. So, can’t be late. The system automatically adjusts all: I’m giving myself more time to pack or poshevalova loaves when they realize that the alternative would be collapse. It really works!

7. Trust the system

Now she’s covering your ass. You need not fear that the day you don’t have time or I’ll take the fact that you can’t handle. System! You yourself chose it, you own it set up, and everything will run like clockwork. Your job is to adhere to a selected scheme of behavior. This may be harder than you thought, but the benefits are so superior to the efforts that the choice is obvious for all if (if everyone around you not a scoundrel. I’m not).

8. Make a list of people that you promised something

And try to as often as possible decreased. Your weaknesses should be obvious to you. You have to think that a priori weak, because it’s true. You’re a fucking man, not a stupid machine, and you’ll never be able to work like a clock. Instead, try day in and day humble yourself with mistakes and admit them.

9. Apologize to them and do what they promised

Open your mouth and repeat after me: «I promised you <most important or trifling crap> before such a period and did nothing. I’m sorry.»

10. Keep watching for a

To deceive ourselves is difficult, and it is a pity to concern myself with stupid excuses that he did not believe. Always be honest. Don’t lie to yourself, especially when you see that things went bad. Is to relax a little — and the brain you will bonappetit! Would you believe me. If you fail, nothing terrible. Will do tomorrow.

11. Constant contact with the system

You call your mom every day? Don’t know what you said there, but I’m sure with the system you have to communicate more often. A reminder on your phone — what do you think, what is it for? Stickers? Crosses in their hands? Anything — the main thing that was good. The system should always be there.

12. The long-awaited revival

After some time using this strategy will change your life. You finally stop mindlessly addicted and start doing business. Isn’t that what you wanted?

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