Career: where to start

manygoodtips.com_23.06.2014_sjlGYbpVWv0GzSo you finally got the coveted crust » from the hands of the Dean and feel entitled to something more than the position of cashier at McDonalds. The only pity is that most employers don’t share your point of view on career prospects. Yesterday a student as well, and its brilliant achievements in education, they are not interested. Everyone needs a candidate with practical skills rather than theoretical ideas about how things should be done.

What to do, how to start, when it seems the whole world is against you?

1. Free training

To find a job, having no experience, have to sweat. Prepare for the fact that first you’ll have to deal with free internships. Many companies will never hire you on salary, but with open arms to take you in as a trainee. Free labor is never superfluous. Of course, nobody will allow you to participate fully in the work of the company, and certainly not entrust the work on their own project. You will not put personal mentor, training the mind to reason. All this is just not need of the company. Most likely, you’re going to do the dirty work, possibly not associated with the specialty specified in your diploma.

However, if you’re lucky, you’ll still learn something useful by observing the work of colleagues. And if you’re lucky even more, and you will be able to differ during the internship, you may even get a job. And if you do not take, do not despair. Now in your summary you have the full right to specify the name of the company in which you interned, and it is a no, but the experience.

2. Volunteering

If you set a goal to reach the state of a large, possibly international company, you will definitely need the presence of such a clause in a resume as «volunteer programs».

Volunteerism develops in you, as applicants, many attractive to a potential employer qualities: ability to work in a team, organisational skills, independence, and often stress.

Simply put, the same as you, graduate, having experience of participation in volunteer projects, against you — volunteer with experience, will look green, not felt the bitterness of the world, young man.

3. Online presentation

Make sure you create an online portfolio, as well as designing a positive image in social networks. You probably will not be news that today the face of any applicant must pass the test of Google. Not superfluous in this case would be to get a personal website (even the simplest, single page) that contains information about your achievements and links to the fruits of your labors. If creating your own website for some reasons it is not possible for you, take advantage of resources that offer free accommodation portfolio.

In General, let the Internet work for you.

4. Contact with the right people

Besides the usual social networks, in the Internet there are many resources built on the principle of social network and provide the opportunity for direct communication to the people that work in the same field. The so-called «professional network» allows not only to present themselves in a narrow circle of comrades by occupation, but also to get in touch with the «right» people. Use them.

5. Opinion

No, you don’t have the build of a professional with twenty years of experience, but also to maintain the status of tabula rasa is not worth it. In order for the employer began to take you seriously, you need to have an opinion on some work issues.

What, in your opinion, are the trends in your field, what do you think will be important tomorrow? You look more interesting when you have something to say. However, in no case do not try to tell if you have actually not their own positions on the issue. There’s nothing worse than people ranting about what he doesn’t. And do not chase the originality of the position. The point here is that it (the position) do you have and what’s yours, and not how much it differs from the majority opinion.

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