Career: 5 things you will regret


As the Soviet writer by the name of Ostrovsky: «Live so that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years». This dude was absolutely right to regret unpleasant. Usually regrets the things you can’t change. But you, man, while there is time, and you can just do everything so that you do not lament. Today, our editorial staff will tell you about what most of them regret it guys, when it comes to their work. Read and wound on a mustache, man.

1. It was not necessary to choose a job for money

Most bro regret that you have chosen a high-paying job that brings them satisfaction. It is better not to do it, because then you’ll feel like in a Golden cage. You’ll be surprised, but even bankers dream about to leave work, but did not do so because a) they have few job offers; b) they just can’t do anything else.

2. Had to leave early

Almost everyone who decided to quit the hated job, regret not doing this sooner. Studies show that 80% of those who changed job, you know that could do this before – when I realized that they don’t like it. Then they lament that he spent his time in vain, because you could do something that they really like.

3. It is a pity that I did not dare to start a business

When it comes to financial stability, many are beginning to wonder how they can get more control over your life. Which answer is the most logical? Properly your own boss and not work for his uncle. Recent studies have shown that 70% of employees would like to present their work helped them save money for start-up capital for your own business, and only 15% strongly believe that their job is too adventurous idea.

4. Wish I used my time at University better

Higher education increases your chances to find a job. But what is ironic: many students skip the lectures do not perform the job and even dropping out of school in order to finally start working and to be financially independent and to adult life. Such guys a few years you begin to regret that I can not go back and diligently to attend University to increase their chances to get a good job. So if you’re a student, friend, well miss your chance!

5. Sorry I missed the chance

Every once in lifetime chance to climb the corporate ladder almost to dizzying heights – these are moments of «now or never». They may look like a simple option to work in another branch of the company, or as any other horizontal movement, or even as a step back. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

Even if you already have regrets, it’s never too late to change your life for the better. Psychologists say that compassion may even be useful: it forces us to evolve and move forward. So go for it, dude!

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