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Hello, people! I really like your articles, I recommend this resource to all my friends, because thanks to you I became more confident and began to develop more actively.

There are a lot of articles about style, relationships, care for a beard, etc. But we have other parts of the body. As the saying goes, «clothes make the man», but that same person also equally important.

So, how to care for others? For the face, hands, etc. Because all of these «female» problems are not alien to us. I understand that this tough guy has to shave himself with a sharpened stone, or not to shave and to be decorated with scars. But not acne scars. No, I don’t want to become some metrosexual, but still needs to be a balance, I think.

Hope for your advice, guys.


Hey, dude! Traditionally, thank you for the great review! Nice to hear that the editors really helps. Firstly, well done, that was not afraid to ask us about such intimate topics. Men have decided not to discuss personal hygiene with your friends or colleagues, but we assume that you will have an older brother-mentor. Moreover, we have shared with you thoughts on this topic. I hope this article will be really useful. Let’s do this!

1. Chairman

Let’s start with the fact that people pay attention in the first place. Your face should be manly, but groomed. Take for granted what you have always washed the head and you know exactly what shampoo for combating dandruff. About hairstyles also simple: don’t skimp on a good Barber, and Barber is better (if any in your city). Professionals will be happy to advise you, there are products for hair care and tell me what is the difference between wax and gel (and so, hair is not a step to metrosexualism, and a tribute to the style). Here recall that needs to be well-groomed and a beard. If the vegetation on your face is more like a cemetery desperate hamsters, it is better to shave.

Of course, your ears should be clean, fresh breath and bags under the eyes should not make you a sociopath (here at least tea get well, though the cucumbers). Skin care – a totally separate issue. If you try to learn from his girlfriend, is responsible for what the whole army of creams and scrubs in the bathroom, the brain will explode after the second name. We don’t have to use special makeup, but at least one you need a lotion after shaving the skin feels most irritated. If there is a problem with pimples or other irregularities, you will help the salicylic acid from the drugstore in the house. It is sufficient to use the solution once a day, and then without fanaticism to anoint himself as some emollient cream, so as not to dry the skin. Save Tyshchenko a month on hygiene products, but on the street not ashamed to go out.

The beauty of men is only a reflection of his inner practical advantages. His face says that he’s able to do. To do for shining the uselessness of the female face.

Albert Camus

2. Body

Another axiom – daily water treatments. Free you’re in a relationship or think that you’re half cyborg, do not forget about the soul. The people around there is one feature: they smell. And if your scent is unpleasant, they will not be friends with you. Or simply stand next to (it seems nature has). So bring a good deodorant, find a perfume like it, don’t forget to regularly wash the clothes (they say that smell is one of the favorite on a subconscious level).

To shave or not to shave – that is the question. Let’s leave the waxing to friends and to those who need it (swimmers, for example), they themselves dispense machine or a trimmer. The main thing is that your jungle is infested animals.

Care hands need to remember: people often pay attention to the nails. No, no need to spend hours in nail salons, but also to preserve the diversity of native land under the nails boiled. The same should be mindful of the toes, let the nails grow more slowly there, it is important not to allow them to go beyond socks and sneakers. Indeed, for some feet – the theme is very painful. If you feel that you can’t solve the problem yourself, do not hesitate to consult a specialist.

About skin care, too, there are a few important points. Remember the existence of wool, periodically visit the sauna or steam bath to evaporate all the accumulated deposits (main with spa do not confuse). Time use sunscreen, so you do not have to smear sour cream. Don’t forget about the use of oil shale in public showers and don’t let the towel to the teammate, even if he gave you assist.

About sports of course, fitness and healthy lifestyle to ensure good physical shape. Even if there is no time for frequent visits to the gym, daily crunches, push-UPS and dumbbells will help to keep the muscles toned is better than eight hours of aimless prosizhivanie pants at the monitor.

Of course, the care – a difficult and time-consuming, but worth it. And to feel the thin line between metrosexuality and normally sit with time who is going faster: you or your friend? And if you’re in ironed pants and shirt sitting in the hallway here for half an hour waiting for her beloved, man, you go the right way!

The body must be kept in such condition that the soul did not want to leave.

Jay Cutler

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