Cardboard story

Cardboard cups for coffee have already overcome their real nature, becoming to all of us something far more meaningful than just disposable tableware.

Now treasured vessel with coffee, swallow on the run — an integral part of the active, young and successful city dweller, as well as social marker and at the same time an act of communication between «marked» thus individuals. In short, it is difficult to overestimate the symbolic value of this seemingly simple subject.

manygoodtips.com_5.05.2014_Pdi2ETg7yQxbNHistory paper tableware dates back to 1907 in the United States. The inventor of the machine with carbonated water Lawrence Luellen together with a certain Hugh Moore decided to organize their own «water» business. As dishes for sparkling water from the machine Luellen it was decided to use a bonded writing paper, folded in the shape of the glass.

However, the business did not go. At that time most towns had a water and metal circles on a chain. And although the cost of sparkling water in paper containers accounted for only 1 cent, the population was not loyal to innovation. People don’t see the point in buying what you can get for free.

The situation changed after a representative of the Committee on public health from the George city concluded that the use of public mugs provokes the spread of various diseases. The water was eliminated, but people still refused to pay for water.

Then some businessmen came up with a brilliant idea to sell water, and cups.

Over time, safe and cheap paper cups gained huge popularity. The main consumers of disposable containers for beverages are educational institutions and enterprises of public catering. To build on the success of your business Luellen and Walls allowed the influenza pandemic that erupted in the USA in 1918-19 SG

manygoodtips.com_5.05.2014_8vKIfUMEiGbHcToday cardboard cups successfully wins the competition even such modern material: plastic. Tableware made of cardboard, with a little less miss the heat, but also looks more aesthetically pleasing and conforms to the fashion of the last time on sustainability.

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