Car DVR Dash Cam Dually will help a difficult minute

DVR Dash Cam Dually will help a difficult minute. Of course, the practice of on-Board cameras for cars hard to call common, but when it comes to the need to defend their interests, including in legal and financial terms, such a device can be really useful.

DVR Dash Cam Dually DVR Dash Cam Dually

Unfortunately, nobody is insured from unforeseen situations, so the gadget that registers everything that happens on the road will be useful for both beginners and experienced in terms of driving bro. In addition to the two cameras with a resolution of 1.3 MP, video recorder Dash Cam Dually is equipped with a GPS module, a digital compass and shock sensor.

In case of night accidents, the device is able to record images in the infrared spectrum. Information obtained Dash Cam Duallyis recorded on the SD card; however, time, speed, location, car, and other data attached to the video created by two cameras.

When I view the record, the area where the accident occurred, indicated on Google Maps. Information about what angle was the cameras also recorded. The size of the SD card supplied with the Dash Cam Dually is 2 GB; if an empty space comes to an end, new data is written over the old one. Also, the device can be used with other storage devices.

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