Capoeira is a mixture of martial dance

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Many do not know what is capoeira. And even the words are not heard. Who hear think that it is invented by Brazilian blacks struggle. And actually, you’re right. Although, to be entirely accurate, capoeira is both a martial art and dance to upbeat music. And the capoeiristas call my passion for the Game.

Capoeira was born in Brazil four years ago, when the Portuguese brought Negroes to the colony. The Portuguese with slaves not stand on ceremony. Any careless movement — whipped, and for assaulting a security guard — were killed. In response, the slaves created a martial art that was disguised as a dance. This art allowed a slave, suddenly falling to the hands bound, knock down a few guards and hide in the woods. Those, who managed to escape were created in the forests of the free settlements. The auxiliary weapon of capoeiristas — short blade. They clamped between their toes and leaning on the hands bound one movement of the foot can easily slit the throat of the enemy.

When the Portuguese were banished, and the slaves gained their freedom, capoeiristas introduced a fight between. During the match, the opponents beat each other with blades, and the winner was the one who was more agile and resilient. So for a long time capoeira was still outlawed. Only in the 30-ies of the master named Bimba has made the legalization of capoeira, and created the first Academy. He also introduced the first rules. Bimba systematized names, rules, strokes, banned the use of blades.

Ten years ago, capoeira all of a sudden and outside of Brazil. Initially the Game appeared in the United States, then in Europe and now came to us.

The specificity of capoeira — striking technique feet. Great attention is paid to the hands as support. A good capoeirista should walk on his hands just the same as on the feet, and control the legs as freely as hands.

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To explain what it’s like the Game is not easy. The participants of the fight, and there can be any number, sit down, forming a circle. Master sitting on the dais, holding a bow with a bowstring. Rhythmically beating a stick on the string, he starts to sing. The players clap their hands, then go round two begins a fight. Battle more like a dance that vaguely resembles break dancing. Each dancer performs a complex combination of evasion, jumps and bumps, but each side is not affected. Special no rules, who wants — leaves in a circle and dances, until you get bored and tired — is to knock in a tambourine or drum.

To talk about the Game we asked the President of the Russian Federation interregional capoeira masters Teimoso. Do not think that he was a Brazilian immigrant. This is our, Russian citizen, simply following capoeristas tradition, he asked not to give his real name. The tradition originates from the time when capoeira in Brazil was outlawed and the wizard came up with a second name, so as not to fall into the hands of the police. In Russia the bodies of the capoeiristas are not interested. But the game is a game.

Listen to the master Teimoso:

My name is Tamasu, which means «Stubborn». We have a guy named Bandeira — the Flag, and another, whose name is Boca — «Big Mouth». And our very high capoeirista was given the name «Giraffe».

I learned about capoeira in 1994 after seeing the movie «Only the strong». Two years later, I bought some VHS copies of the masters of capoeira and began to study by myself. Go and see this film, maybe you want to try yourself in the Game.

First of all, capoeira is the art of using his body, although the ability to quickly waving his arms, doing high jumps or fighting is not the most important. Moreover, when capoeira turns into a fight, it loses its essence. In addition, capoeira is an art to weave a web of movements. Like a spider weaves a web to trap a fly, hook and Canoeing-Rist weaves a web of movements to confuse his opponent and to strike a decisive blow.


By fighting techniques, capoeira is divided into two areas.

The first Di angel style low games, when used a lot of racks on the hands and the head (partners like crawling on the floor).

The second direction — Regional sports with very fast movements. Capoeiristas almost not touch the floor, use a lot of acrobatic exercises. But actually it is wrong to choose to practice one or the other. The capoeirista must be a master in both directions.

The main element of the Game , Ingo, or war dance. Since capoa-RA — the-art and rules — the conventions, at the highest levels of skill, Ingo acquires an individual character: one master Jingo very smooth, the other sharper, the third very low.

Another important element negative, which helps to evade the blow. Negative is squats on one and then the other leg.

Many items are made on the basis of Jingo. One of the main percussion techniques — MIA Luz de compass. The technique is very insidious: a quick tilt — and unexpected blow leg or in the thigh or in the head. Another percussive technique — Armada, kick like in karate. In General, striking techniques and looks similar to karate and other martial arts. There may be different only in name.

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Without music, capoeira ceases to be art and became a very heavy sport. There are four main musical instrument:

atabake drum big;

berimbau — bulbous tool. Hitting a stick on a metal string and pressing down or removing yourself from a wooden ball attached to the bow, you can get a multitude of sounds. Usually play three of the berimbau: the berimbau is a big turn-on as bass guitar, setting the rhythm, the other two, smaller, keeping the rhythm;

pandeiro — tambourine;

kasisi — rattle.

Songs in capoeira is a dialog of character: leading singing, and he meets a choir. a song you can sing for a long time, little sense, and the words are repeated the same. Songs can be anything, often they are humorous and inspiring.


The competition specially with capoeira there — only festivals. The festival itself is more like a celebration of life. The complete absence of any aggression. But hard, contact capoeira is only on competitions in which along with capoeiristas are other fighters — for instance, the karate or Sambo. At these competitions, the capoeiristas had to use the technique not only capoeira, but also those of karate, Sambo. Very often, the capoeiristas used the technique of JIU-jitsu that we learn in parallel.


Dedication, or batizada, occurs after a year of classes. Masters and students sit forming a circle. The student must leave the circle and join the competition with the master.

At the end of the match, the master makes the disciple sweeps and he falls. Then the master says: «I See you’re now fallen, you have to strive». After the match, on the basis of certain qualities, the student is given a name. Some of the names of the master can touch up a funny story. A lot of names that mean «tomato», «squash», «bow».

At the end batizada student give the first zone is green, and from that moment he can call himself a capoeirista. To get a white belt, you must train no less than a quarter of a century.


Master is only one who without much effort can predict the movements of the partner, and this ability comes as a result of training for at least 25 years. Only up to 40 or even 50 years, the master reaches its highest level. However, he performs all the combinations with the same ease as in his youth. And if you look at athletes in other sports? For them 40 years — retirement age!

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