Cannes lions 2015

Porada.kom.ua_30.06.2015_pUZBmT7tPmVaAI hope you drew mouth-watering lady’s breast. But, unfortunately, we are not talking about them. We will focus on advertising, or to be more precise, the largest advertising festival. And Tits – just a good old tool to attract attention.

Every year, all the gurus and guriji advertising business flock to Cannes, where people do art. Advertisers do not envy the excitement that reigns during the festival. Because if it were not for the advertisers and PR people, competent presentation and hype, nobody would have paid much attention to the prestigious festival.

Call is art or not to call a moot point. Employees in this sector are not able to give him the answer, because some of them deliberately consider themselves to be corrupt bastards, and some people are deeply creative, do corrupt, but it’s still art. Anyway, with creative, sometimes absurd commercials the average person associate the brand itself the «Cannes lions». This year added new masterpieces in the field of TV advertising.

5 seconds, and then can not watch

A triumpher of the Cannes Lions was the Agency The Martin Agency, which won the Grand Prix for an interesting project for the insurance company GEICO. The fact that some advertisers ignore the sites that host. The same video appears on TV and on the Internet, on YouTube perorally most do not care. The guys from GEICO don’t like it. They blame this state of Affairs. And so developed the TrueView with guaranteed 5 seconds of viewing. In short, advertising that is difficult to miss. No, as you can see, the video lasts more. All advertising message is placed in the first 5 seconds, and the remaining time on the screen is a nonsense, and this remarkable video data.

Images from the snapshots

Another Grand Prix in Film Lions went to the glorious and well known to all who cooked in the advertising of juice, the Brazilian Agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi for bright emotions, but not the tones of a promotional video for the German manufacturer of photographic equipment Leica. It’s called «100» and dedicated, characteristically, to the centenary of the brand and the opening of the newspaper «Leica Gallery» in são Paulo. Advertisers decided to recall the history of photography and to recreate 35 of the most famous shots from around the world, made on the «Lake», and maybe not. The good old way to use a well recognizable images. Here is a French boy, fun walks with bottles of wine, and a naked Lennon in a fetal position hugging Yoko Ono, and even the famous picture of Mark Fish, where she brazenly walked right up to maraschini soldiers ‘ bayonets with a flower in her hand and demanded to make love, not war. And most importantly – dismal music inherent to Arthouse masterpieces. Nevertheless, the video turned out surprisingly.

Gold for my mother’s tears

In fact, the competition was suppressed a great number of social implications. Even something as sad and bored. The benefit was diluted by all this splendor the famous video Old Spice, who presented the lion with gold. Deodorant, which in the U.S. are only rednecks and truckers, have made great advertising. So, everybody saw it already, but this is the only advertising pop-up on YouTube, which did not want to turn off, even despite the fact that she has collected, perhaps the most feared women over 50. Wonderful song mother close to everyone. Well, almost everything.

A moment of tolerance

Dear reader, we will now have a moment of hate. Can even write nasty things in comments. Just this time not without hackneyed tolerance. And to deal with issues of equality unexpectedly took office that produces ice cream. The Magnum is starred transvestites, the concept of the video «Be True To Your Pleasure» («Be yourself for fun») has developed the Agency LOLA. Quite a speaking name.

Well, that is well filmed is ugly mousebabe. Well the truth, no beauty…… But Krasotka evening, smelling the disadvantages of Los Angeles. If you do not understand the idea of the video, I explain that the Director manages to show what activities bring joy to the main characters, from what they enjoy. They seem to hint that we should seek to treat. By any means. Murder, ultra violence, sex change…

Omnipresent Obama

By the way, it was a hidden advertising of the state program Yes, have you seen this wonderful program, where Obama is due to memorized the text, written likely Galifianakis, makes Galifianakis. Funny movie. It looked everything. And thanks to such personalities as the President of the United States and beloved Zach, sin was not to give the Golden lion of the project «Funny Or Die». Here’s the situation: jiving jiving, until the award ran.

Air dreams IKEA

Just charming, gentle, lovely, magic, sama-sama-sama advertising was made glorious by the Agency Mother London for IKEA. Swedish furniture has always been famous for is stunning. Contrary to popular belief, they do it not themselves. Just people have a talent for finding good agencies and clearly set goals.

The movie is not a history of the broken, senseless suicide with a happy ending. Here famous stunning bedrooms from IKEA, to be in them – all the same what to float in the clouds. However, they probably went a little overboard: of the cloud. Sometimes the expression on the girl’s face it seems that it breaks when you drop a some part of the body. But still looks impressive in its own way scary.

But connoisseurs of the English can be amazed soundtrack: behind the scenes British actress Prunella scales reads the excerpt from the play «the Tempest» by William Shakespeare.

Russian trace

And now a little Russian trace. This year, the domestic advertisers is very different. It would seem that the number of applications declined, but the rewards become greater. As many as 11 pieces, which can not umilyat.

Too difficult to understand immediately

For example, BBDO Russia Group Moscow took the Silver Lion in the category Branded Content & Entertainment Lions for the video for the insurance company INTOUCH, which is intended to draw drivers ‘ attention to the problem of lack of speed and its consequences. But what is interesting is the performance of the roller. Look closely all of 10 minutes, and then go back to the text. Try not to switch.

Idiocy, isn’t it? This white splash screen with the company logo annoying…

Now try to rewind. Ah, Yes, you’re rewinding. We’re well aware, waste your precious time on such nonsense is foolish. At first glance, nonsense. But if you hold the mouse on the red bar under the video, you can see the essence of advertising. If not in a hurry and watch the movie as it should be, nothing happens, if you rush and try to rewind, preview will be seen in the accident and the frightening inscription: «do Not hurry». Execution, to put it mildly, not the best. Although the idea is very good. Apparently, so was given the Silver Lion in the category Branded Content & Entertainment Lions.


Previously, the Agency Proximity Russia, part of the BBDO Russia Group, received the Cannes Gold and Silver lions in the category Media Lions and Cyber Lions bronze for best digital campaign Post-it® «Banner, which will make you fall in love with banners». Nothing special, just know their characters.

The eternal problem

Y&R – another bronze in Design, silver in Promo & Activation and a bronze in PR Lions for a briefcase More than a sign. Well, no comment here. Everything is clear without explanation and translation.

Russian triumph of European arms

And is crowned by the Russian triumph at the competition silver lion well-known carrier S7. Silver in the most prestigious category Films was given in these colorful commercials.

First, the festival celebrated two bronze statuettes in the category «Cyber Lions» project «The Imagination Machine», released as part of the campaign #CHOCOCOLATE. Now a silver award in the most prestigious category – «Film Lions» received a TV spot.

I must say thank you Agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Yes, unfortunately, did not our. The hell with him. Turned out great and beautiful. Especially visually.

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