Cancel plans and not be a freak

how to cancel plansI’m sure you’re OK with their dudes. Normal people have friends, and friends, by definition, have to like you. Friendship implies that from time to time you hang out together, going somewhere, doing something together — the usual story. You’re usually only this happy, but sometimes I just can’t. Or you have lost the desire to go somewhere, although you and your friends have agreed. With all that happened. For example, the weather is crappy and you don’t want the extra time to get out of the house. Or you bodunischa and unable to move. Or home just comfortable and well, and you know that one comes back with a someone else who you were not happy.

To cancel plans is like heroin. Before you lies a pure and clear prospect of spending the rest of the day doing what you want. Sometimes the feeling that you someone something should, can soar wildly and get no real joy to hang out contrary to your wishes. Why raping yourself? As my father, can’t shit, don’t torture your ass. Only cancel plans so as not to look like an asshole and a person does not care at all.

So: Tell me, what would you like to be with friends, and pity that you have failed.

No: don’t disappear English and don’t pretend nobody will notice. Sure I will! Your friends will call you an asshole or better yet, when you through the earth will fail — or will they worry that you’re on the road somewhere quietly died, without attracting attention.

So: Cancel plans as early as possible. Tell me that’s not coming, as soon as he know it, especially if you have arranged to meet someone eye to eye. Let the dude is not lost day — it is necessary to consider an alternative.

No: don’t be an asshole. Asshole is when you’re late for an obscene amount of time or your mind at the last moment, when you folded a better choice.

So: give me another option, though quite interesting and accurate, if you really want to see this person and you will not borodit it next time. For example: «I can’t tomorrow, but I have a new bar opened on Wednesday evening I am free — how about you?»

No: don’t say decided to cancel the meeting because you have a much more chic option. Dude don’t need to know that you’re going to hang out with someone else. Hence, it is necessary to remember about social media: don’t sell soup in the background of wow or interiors, if you had to listen to the complaints of dude, what a bitch his ex. Have you got no conscience!

So: Be honest about their own and other people’s plans. It is not necessary to plan that is certainly canceled. If you are not sure if you have time, don’t say: «I Have many plans for the weekend, but if I do, I’ll call you.» Or: «this day I busy, but I’ll call you if I will pass by». And now that guy all day to do nothing and wait for you?

No: don’t get too complicated excuse. The understandable desire: you feel guilty that you failed dude, and trying to look slightly less shit. That’s way worse. Sometimes suitable and polite lies, don’t create something like «My girlfriend is sick, I’ll be with her to sit» — don’t bring your lies of a stranger.

So: Any honest. Sometimes people cancel plans simply because they are introverts — so much easier to talk than endless «I’m tired».

No: Not the beard one and the same person several times in a row. If you are planning a meeting with him and not come, admit at least to yourself: you don’t want to communicate with him. And that’s fine. You don’t become neither a monster nor a bastard. For some friends the optimal form of communication is Skype, or SMS, or random encounters on the street.

So: Show some understanding when someone tells you that you will not be able to meet you, and give them another chance.

No: don’t plan every hour of your time. So you are more likely to have to give up a significant part of their plans. If you one day agreed to meet separately with two or three dudes, it is unlikely that all will go smoothly and you’re fully enjoy even those get-togethers that will come. Better avoid such situations. Dumb to sit on pins and needles and every now and then to keep an eye on the clock so not to miss the bus time when it’s time to rush to the next place.

So: Offer some sort of compensation if this time the plans fell through. For example, when you have failed to meet a friend, say that next time you will drink purely at your expense.

So: If I lie, something plausible. Do not say that you were allegedly dead grandmother. Then have kitchen gardens to fence, not to bedrooms.

No: don’t give up on their promises to come if it is very important for your guy or if it’ll cost him a pretty penny. Say one already bought two tickets for the concert: for you and for him. If you have really no way to go, or give him the money for the ticket or find another friend to replace it.

So: be sure to Apologize. It does not need a lot of time and effort.

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