Canadians make a game that is reminiscent of cartoons from the early XX century


The visual component of video games for a long time and clearly shows that they are pulling in full-fledged form of art. Those who doubt this should definitely assess the brainchild of canadian developers who have introduced the trailer to the game «Cuphead», which will be released in 2015.

What first catches the eye? The fact that the game is visually very similar to the first issue of «Mickey mouse» and the animated «Snow white». It is obvious that the developers have made tremendous efforts to depict something similar. In the course of working on the game, they used the old animation techniques and the drawn watercolor backgrounds for what is happening. Hard work makes a game «Cuphead» to look like it came from a very different era.

For the first time about «Cuphead» spoke at the recent E3 conference this year. This is the first brainchild of canadian developer Developer Studio MDHR. Advantageously distinguishes the game is the fact that unlike most retro projects, no 8-bit music: the soundtrack consists entirely of original jazz recordings, composed by Christopher Maddigan.

The creators of the game describe «Cuphead» a «classic runner and shooter game, where everything is focused on the fights.» In other words, this is a typical arcade indie project. It is known that the Canadians will release the game in Steam and XboxOne.

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