Can women have sex just like men?

No, dude, it doesn’t mean that women should grow a penis. This does not mean that women have sex otherwise, after all we are the same species. In this article, we decided to answer the question: «Can women have sex with the same emotions and the same rights as men?» That is, can women have sex without emotion, at the call of the soul, just meet for sex and the like? There is an opinion, quite stereotypical that girls instantly fall into a sexual and emotional dependence on the object of his sexual drive after having sex they fall in love instantly. I have to say to you, dude, the hill to our self-esteem the truth: girls fall in love and fall into sexual addiction after one time sex as well as bro. The chance to fall in love, crush and be dependent, we have exactly the same and determined man, our temperament, character and psychological characteristics. Now a little more about it.

The fact that after sex we always have to your partner a warm feeling. Is responsible for even a number of hormones. The man that brought you pleasure, getting us much closer. Thank you, hormones.

1. Casual sex at once

Girls can have sex without commitment. Most often this occurs when in their life it happens something very unpleasant. They dropped, they lost jobs, they have big debts, problems with relatives. Girls know the healing power of sex and don’t deny yourself the medicine. If you’re looking for casual sexual sex, you’re in luck, because after a group therapy session she would try as soon as possible to get you out of my head. Why? Because public morality in our environment are strongly opposed to the girl was given just one at a time. Even those who don’t mind otpadaet a girl just once and can then call her a whore, despite the fact that one girl didn’t pay that whore is a little different. Stupid public morality! If you want to know how to determine what the girl wants sex just once and read this article here.

2. Sex friendship

We all think that sex friendship is a beautiful thing. This is partly true, but not really.

Or this amazing relationship, or someone will get hurt. It seems to us that this is a girl in this situation playing the victim role, but it is not always the case. Girl friends can be like water off a duck — it will cost without a loss, and guys can fall into emotional dependence. You know, for what reason? Through selfishness. Some seriously can’t understand how such amazing dudes as they can not to fall in love after their wonderful fabulous Johnson visited the woman. It is at once the resentment, and the realization that took advantage of YOU. A blow to the ego.

3. Each other

The girl may well without a hint of emotion to sleep with a close friend of my ex, when she just recently broke up with him. But sometimes the parting is not necessarily. In this case, the fault you couldn’t control yourself when prostitute girl your friend climbed into your arms. And don’t tell me you were so drunk, I couldn’t resist. In the morning she can forget about what happened and behave as if nothing had happened.

4. Video chat

If you really think to watch porn and chats on Dating sites for sex can only bro and those women who are looking for easy money, you are very wrong, dude. Some girls like sex adventures in sex and nudity for the sake of all perverts. If you think that the girl she is not interesting to look at the units and the naked bodies of other men, you are sorely mistaken, many not even mind to see.

The girl seriously can send a picture of your Boobs to anybody, that is why they get into various unpleasant situations with the placement of these photos in the public domain. Perhaps this is due to the fact that women are by nature prone to narcissism.

5. Drunken sex stupor at a party through common friends

Three in the morning. A holiday with friends. You’re in a drunken stupor, whispering some not at all familiar to you woman how beautiful she is, what her beautiful eyes, how you want her and blah-blah-blah — all this standard crap. Drunk girl nods, and you start doing all sorts of unmentionables on the bed snoring among ex-gay people that are randomly strewn across someone else’s apartment. Whatever you did last night, in the morning you probably not, if only because of the hangover. And here’s kind of awkward, and she was just all very normal. Because it relates to this is easy: it just happened, which soared. Most importantly, a prostitute she doesn’t consider herself wanted, sex was obtained. The male approach? No, such a conventional, rational approach.

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