Can science make the world worse

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_XeF981vtz5PjnWe are here all the time praising the innovative developments that have helped the person to enter an entirely different stage of development, has made the world a more humane, more perfect. But many opponents of scientific progress like to say that science and a lot of evil brought into the world: atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs! But what do the atomic bomb and the hydrogen is a weapon of mass destruction that was created by scientists at the behest of their political elites.

But isn’t there a reverse side to these seemingly terrible inventions? Unless we see in the modern world conflicts such as those that were before? When one nation is to another the full power of your weapons? Yes, there are regional conflicts, there are many hot spots, but if you look objectively, the world has created a good system of checks, which helps us not to devour each other. Nuclear weapons plays a role in this matter. As one physicist, surname, unfortunately, I do not remember: «the Development of weapons will lead to the fact that it will become useless. It would be impossible to apply, as a large conflict will not survive one, including the elite that it can start». It is hard to disagree with this statement. In the end, paradoxically it sounds, the fact that we live in relative tranquility and peace, we must first of all, because the entire twentieth century so much developed weapons.

In General, science is not, of course, should have a moral aspect. The same technology can be used for different purposes. It’s like a knife: it helps us to make sandwiches, and it can also be the cause of your death in some dark alley. It all depends on what people use the fruits of scientific thought, the science is first of all knowledge of the world, the expansion of ideas about the world, its laws and our place in it.

War, conflict, the arms race has always been the main stimulus for the development of science. So it happened. The first man in space – and that is a product of the cold war. When in the world politics there is a lull, then science, too, it happens. Amazing design require heavy financial investments, which in peacetime is almost useless. So we think when something serious begins to happen in the scientific community, here it is time to flip a coin.

A sharp jump in chemistry, which came in the first half of the twentieth century, coincides with the need for poisonous substances from the military machine in different countries. About nuclear energy and say no, has already been mentioned.

But we have not answered the question: can science make the world worse? It seems to us that the question is wrong in fact, but if you take into consideration all that scientific advancements have created destroys, and everything that he created is doing, then the advantage will be in favor of the latter. All easy to remember isolated cases of technogenic catastrophes and completely forget all the good that they have each day which our ancestors could not have imagined. We are almost completely surrounded by what was created the scientific minds of different centuries, and yet it is so ingrained in our lives that we completely understand how difficult all this was created.

Humanity as a whole thrives. We haven’t had a serious problem that we began to invent them. For example, the problem of loss of morality. What is all this nonsense? People have always been rare shit to others. It was not better than before, and did not get rid of man moral. On the contrary, became more attentive to others, although his weight will always be a man, and selfishness the dominant feeling of our species.

Any open, and every person has positive and negative qualities. The internal combustion engine, television and even the Internet are not deprived of all this. Actually, with regard to the latter, then perhaps the creators of the Internet imagined that most of humanity will use this wonderful creation to the evenings looking at videos of cats, funny pictures instead of studying useful information, accumulated by mankind over many centuries of experience, which now have almost everyone on the planet? So, the Internet has made the world worse or not?

There are, of course, the problem with toxic emissions that enter the atmosphere during the production of certain products, resources. For example, in the production of one ton of aluminium in the atmosphere is up to 40 kg of highly toxic fluorine, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen, and heavy metals. No doubt this is bad for the atmosphere, the ecological balance in the world. The problem with polyethylene is even more ambitious. This material was invented in 1899 by Hans von Bekmanna and now polyethylene is used as the main form of packaging material. Polyethylene is bad because it can’t burn, and it does not decompose. It’s just dead weight for our planet, which will lie down on it for thousands of years. But again, replacement of the polyethylene is, and it is paper, cotton. But as you already understood, this replacement is much more expensive, and therefore not the best nor the corporations, nor man.

Can science make the world worse? No. People can make the world worse in virtue of its nature. Science only relentlessly trying to advance humanity in the right direction. And we think that with the beginning of scientific progress on Earth, life has become still better, despite all the setbacks and disadvantages that were associated with research activities.

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