Can lead life without war and hunger


In the sparsely of the Simpsons special Halloween, after Lisa made a wish with the magic monkey paws peace in the world, the planet and did not start to smell good flowers. On the contrary, the world urgently is captured by aliens who took advantage of the refusal of humanity from the weapons and the usual apology of hatred. In the end the world was saved by the obstinate MoE the bartender, who is chasing one of the invaders with a stick. Given the fact that Matt Groenig to have provided a lot of strange things in the depths of the soul born doubt: what if they are right?

Alas, but it is embodied in the life of a wonderful utopia of world peace where there is hatred between peoples, war, and one big love, is impossible. Hardly a problem in aliens, though the world is blasted, and anything is possible. Just life in peace and harmony will give rise to new problems that once again split the world into small pieces. The wheel of samsara spinning, spraying bloody splatter in all directions, and in order for humanity to become Terrans, ceasing to divide themselves into Nations, must go through many more centuries.

War, without which we can not do

Let’s start with such natural things as war, which many people somehow believe the main cause of human troubles. War is a natural process. Such is the psychology of Homo Sapiens is survival of the fittest, and sometimes for the sake of survival you need to shed blood, to say there is not humanitarians and pacifists.

Since Cain people crumbled skull, slaughtered, strangled, beaten to death. Murder is part culture, part folklore. To some extent, it is instilled from childhood, because killing a person is one way to restore justice and we are still in children’s tales hinted that in the world there must be justice.

We are accustomed to death, because God killed people in Sodom and Gomorrah and the flood drowned all of humanity. Great personality, admired even in our era, raised himself on the blood, starting from Alexander the great and ending with Stalin.

We were brought up on military exploits, simultaneously feeding the culture from which the blood oozes. Without blood somehow bored: play video games, watch action. Here’s a stupid human instinct. While we are warm, hearty and peaceful, this feeling of sleep, but do you have something to take away, you immediately grabbed for the ax, like a hero Mel Gibson in the movie «the Patriot» took up the Tomahawk, and will go to regain their right to property. But the fact that in the wonderful magical world will not all be equal, but just below the text. Their insulted and injured, took up a pitchfork and into a happy future.In the glorious movie «the Godfather» said that war is good, it is bad blood. And in the years of peace this very dope accumulates very much. Domesticated the wolf would one day attack his master, and in humans it manifests itself a little differently- in the form of a lazy, perverted preferences and instincts, like dirty sex, idolatry of wealth and such terrible things as the inability to enjoy life. Like tried every drug and still places itself in life not find.

Paul valéry once said:

War is when absolutely strangers to each other people kill each other for the glory and for the benefit of people who are perfectly familiar, but not kill each other.

For the sake

To argue here it is useless, the rulers and businessmen so often meet each other, remember the curvature of the teeth unnatural smiles. I will say that I do not want a war, you say you don’t want war, but who cares. War — toy of the rulers, who always have something to solve. If the authorities have to decide some question, the war could not be avoided, all anti-war rallies are suppressed, and the recruits are always among the blood-hungry psychopaths and the patriots.

Look at the situation with Ukraine: how many supporters of military intervention were found among the simple people, who apparently do not like the soldiers. How many women are enthusiastically encouraged to fight for the Russian near abroad. And you say about the world when people are willing to kill those who yesterday were considered brothers.

There is another interesting idea that war regulates the overpopulation of the planet. If a lot of people, then start the fireworks and genocide. However, more about that.

Globalization: better together than separately

In their wet dreams of a blissful Paradise on earth humanists forget to specify that the planet is not yet ready. The fact that the world is already weak from a lack of resources, imagine if the world will end all wars and solved the problem of hunger. Then breaks out another boom in the birth rate, and not that livable places are not enough, not enough resources. There’s even 3D printers that print food, does not help. The colonization of Mars, as seen, has been postponed to a very indefinite, so that to evict the immigrants beyond the atmosphere impossible. And given the terrible fact that we already live in an era of energy crisis, I can only imagine what will happen next.

But God bless him, say, a problem with the source of energy decided, with food and energy, and even learned how to maintain the delicate balance of nature that to this overpopulation is not ready. Mend the ozone hole, solve the problem of lack of oxygen and increase in 1000 times of pollution by sending garbage into space. The first colony on Mars, and now 20 billion more or less settled.

But the dream of humanity — to turn into one big ethnic group, the earthlings, speaking the same language and have no cultural differences.

It’s a dream to live in a world in which nationality is determined by the planet, not the country. And then the fun begins. As this is only possible in the era of advanced technology, most of the occupations will be replaced by automated systems and robots. That is, even the cleaners will not remain, everything will be automated.

Due to the fact that divisions on ethnic and religious lines does not exist, there will be more tales of the professions. What will engage people? To receive subsidies for existence, or people will have to pay for the right to bear children? In one dystopia, everyone had a role. Some were engaged in reproduction, other studies, and others performed menial jobs. All in ugly «Jay-peresmeshnika» and «the hunger games» — in that fiction for girls has a portion of common sense. Or will still be homeless and the hungry Horde, or mankind will be divided into castes, but still very unfair.

However, clearly the impossibility of heaven on Earth showed the mouse. The common laboratory mouse who became victims of experiment, «universe 25».

Dr. John B. Calhoun decided to create a mouse Paradise. Tank took two by two meters, set in it overlap, paved the tunnel system with individual compartments and drinkers and in early 1972 started in this Paradise four pairs of healthy, genetically flawless mice. The tank has always been +20°C, each month it clean and stuffed with food and material for nests. In the «Universe-25» reigned Golden age.

After a hundred days, realizing their happiness, rodents began to proliferate wildly. The population doubled every 55 days, and no expulsion for the fall are not expected. However, at the time of its creation «the universe» was doomed. Because the number 25 was chosen not by accident. It was the 25th experiment on rats and mice, and each time a Paradise turned into hell.

Mice to 315 th day multiplied to 600 individuals already categorically not enough space. Society began to rapidly deteriorate. Formed curious classes: «non-conformists» who huddled in the center and regularly attacked the owners of the nests, «beautiful» males, who were not interested in breeding and caring only for themselves, and, finally, the «middle class», who tried at any cost to save the usual way. In the tank flourished violence svalny sin and even cannibalism. In the end 90% of females of reproductive age population left and settled in isolated nests at the top of the tank. 560-th day from the «Universe-25» has actually been done.

The population reached a peak of 2,200 individuals, the birth rate fell, a rare pregnancy ended in the murder of young. The increased mortality has not saved Paradise: the last eight mice died, one after another, never returning to familiar roles, and not trying to have babies! In his work «population Density and social pathology» Calhoun along with «Universe-25» buried and all of humanity: «Even before we cease to miss of resources, people suffocate in their cities!»In the political sphere of society globalization is the creation of a world government which will solve all the major issues and manage all the processes occurring on the planet.

But to rule a company will have to establish a dictatorship and tyranny. There is no guarantee that the head of the world government will face the people who truly care about the earth civilization and the wish to save her from destruction. Most likely coming influential «money bags», which will expand their pockets at the expense of the world’s resources.

The economy will «command» the largest monopoly corporations. A monopoly — is the dictatorship of the manufacturer of your terms to the consumer.

But especially from globalization hurt culture, the most spiritual, because it is less commercial. But globalization, for a moment, provides an even larger gap between the material and spiritual factors, of course, benefit from material. For some it will be a plus, but if so, then you shouldn’t complain about soulless vulgar world in which everything is decided by the computer, not man. If you certainly will live up to these years.

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