Can-Am Spyder F3: no harm in dreaming

The appearance of the Spyder F3 was expecting at the beginning of this year, but at least the waiting was long, we all froze in anticipation of the appearance of this SOMETHING. Something totally awesome, incredibly cool, powerful and stylish.

It was a

Can-Am Spyder F3 blew up the industry, and deprived of half of our editorial rest and sleep.


The Roadster differs the cruise landing, open architecture frame and a unique UFIT system, allowing you to customize the ergonomics of the landing by changing the provisions of the footrests and rudder. The Spyder F3 is equipped with proven engine ROTAX ACE 1330, which provides even more power and more torque. It was based on a three-wheeled concept that delivers amazing stability and control and stability system VSS, developed in conjunction with Bosch, which combines antiproportional and anti-lock braking system and stability control system that makes traveling even safer.


Add to this low centre of gravity, automatic and semi-automatic transmission… It is a predatory animal in the jungle road jungle! Fucking paint special series such as the Touring Escape, Muscle Attitude and Urban Nights, accessories and original equipment will further emphasize the uniqueness of this «road warrior».



In 2015, the entire line of roadsters Can-Am Spyder RS, ST and RT will be put on stream. Expected start of sales — end of January 2015. Price will be about half a million rubles. You still have time to save money.


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