Camo wars: how to wear «military»

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When Europe started the Second world war, the French artist of Russian origin Vladimir Baranov-Rossine patented spotted a military uniform to help his new compatriots. Unknown, appreciated the idea, because soon the Gestapo arrested him and overcame in a concentration camp. Nevertheless, the current traditional version of the camouflage — this is the sample Baranov.Some genuinely don’t understand why people wear such clothes in time of peace in the midst of the city. Here it would be appropriate to remember the bearded anecdote about the camel at the zoo («and what for me this hump?»), but we just look at a couple, but rather «camouflage five» of the best representatives of this style. By the way, warned in advance — if you’re not going to start a war, then wear it all at once will be very ugly and inappropriate.

In fact, this is the main rule — at the same time should wear just one camo item.Two automatically make you «soldier on leave». Three will make everyone around you feel uncomfortable and suspect that the city is in danger, and soon the tanks rolled in. Moreover, «camouflage» need to carry something specific, and not anyhow. We found the most interesting specimens and tried to imagine what looks best (advised editors experienced seamstress-radio operator).

First of all, the pants is an integral attribute, which must be in the wardrobe of any man. Military pants, like those offered by Dockers is a silent symbol of courage, especially if it is bordered by a clean white t-shirt or Polo. Any extra characters on the top item in just a white t-shirt. The shirt is not rolled, because the hands must be open. And it is desirable that the hands had at least some rudiments of the muscles, otherwise it will look bad. Required bonus there are also sunglasses that will seamlessly emphasize the image of a Martinet, and a good watch with a dark strap. Accordingly, on his feet this combination there are no shoes or moccasins — dark sneakers or fall working with thick soles. Perhaps a perfect example of this outfit can be found in the movie «Bald nurse» with VIN Diesel.


But let’s say that your body is not so muscular, so we’ll have to consider a more «civilian» format. Suits several items: shoes, jacket and bag (don’t forget — wear separately). If you still do not fully understand, the key point is that «military» doesn’t love the bright colors. No need to pick up the camouflage colored clothes, as she completely neutralizes the psychological effect of the military colors and turn you into a clown. Take, for example, a jacket from Mr Bathing Ape — the rules are the same. Neither the red or green or even black color of the shirt is not suitable.

White and camouflage is inseparable from each other, and it’s not that the soldiers themselves to combine them. It is a pure «mind games» — the brain takes a typical as campusj forest landscape. If with him into the field of view appears too bright object in the form of a red t-shirt, the neurons immediately begin to disturb the hard crust, since the nature of the forest creatures and plants simply do not have such coatings. Translated into social language — this contrast is a consequence of bad taste, and this means that if you want to wear «military», have a couple of extra white shirts.

If you’re wearing a camouflage jacket, in any case not wear shorts, as do some individuals with normal jackets. Say just in case. Anyway, here’s a bit of options: either the classic blue jeans or light pants. So be it, the loafers will also look very appropriate. And to earn more points before the weaker sex, a good addition would be a cravat.


Another story with a bag — it’s hard to find something fundamental, useful to all, especially with Wood Wood. However, it also should avoid bright colors, although white, can go dark green or dark blue, and black. You should pay attention to the top item as the same jacket here will not look quite right — everything else is safely put.In all rules there are exceptions, and I think it’s time to tell you one thing: wear two camouflage things, if they are at a greater distance from each other. That is, following a simple logical chain, we are talking about shoes and hat. Alas, camouflage caps, either for pensioners or for American soldiers, but find the headphones with the necessary coloring is even possible. And there are those where the color varies from city to forest, and there is even a marine — for example the headset SHS-750T from Stenn.

As for shoes, then it is also no problem. For example, druggi: at the time of their glorified the most fashionable man in Britain — the Prince of Wales Edward. Bodega x Mark McNairy certainly not from Albion, but the style they are damn good.


In General, if you burn not only the pursuit of military style, but also the desire to follow his rules, nothing can be easier. Even if you’ve never run errands «grandfathers» and is not able to fill the bed in under ten seconds, this does not mean that such clothes will embody the fighting qualities. It’s just a beacon that will show you as a person, able to stand up for themselves. Even the knuckles on the hand did not have such power.

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