Came back from prison… And your wife became a mummy

A very interesting case occurred a man , Eduardo Ruiz, when he returned from prison.

Two years later he complained to his guards that his wife has ceased to answer his letters and visit him. The prison authorities paid no attention to complaints , Eduardo: little such a shame, the man is sitting in jail.

Eduardo returned to his native land in the suburbs of Madrid evil and was not even surprised that nobody opened the door, so he broke no calf tenderness. A strong smell of shook of Ruiz, and a little later he found the body of his wife, who has turned into a mummy.

Neighbors had noticed a foul smell, called the right people, but they spent deodorizing only within the common corridor.

This is not the first such case in Spain for the last time. Recently on the terrace of one of the houses was discovered already rather rotten body of a woman. Police identified her as 50-year-old Maria del Carmen Arcos Sepaz, missing at the end of June this year. Law enforcement officers also noted that the body of Arcos Cepas no signs of violent death were found. The cause of death of women should show an autopsy.

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