California teen arrested after threats posted to Instagram


August 17, CA – 15-year-old schoolboy arrested Sunday on suspicion of publishing online threats. He threatened to shoot students at southern California high school. «Apparently, it was just a prank,» said the Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles.

A teenager who was arrested after investigators filed a warrant to search his house, wrote this message to see the reaction of his friends, officials said.

The suspect «actually had no intention to make these threats,» said Deputy Joshua Dubin at a press conference. «We still take this very seriously.»

Detectives began an investigation late on Saturday evening after receiving more than two dozen phone calls about the suspicious publication of Instagram, said the civil servants.

The post, which has since been removed, included photos of a gun and badge high school students which he was threatened.

Pictures of gun was found a suspect on the Internet, it does not have in their origin no relation, said the County Sheriff.

No weapon was found during a search in the house.

A student decided to make a joke, he didn’t even know about how much will be serious consequences.

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