Calculated psychopath

1. He is always calm


Most people start to worry in a variety of stressful situations, for example if they are stuck in traffic and late for an important meeting, or when experiencing various difficulties, experiences and any discomfort. A psychopath does not feel stress and anxiety, he probably nothing feels.

2. A psychopaths wet the bed as children

Yes, you heard right. Psychiatrists know the way to identify a psychopath at an early age, for example, if it is over five years old, and he still wets the bed. So if your son, brother, nephew, and in General any child with whom you have to care, and he is in second grade, but still pisses the bed — watch him, he’s probably hidden somewhere…

3. Psychopaths look good


People who were familiar with psychopaths, say that many of them are really beautiful and charismatic. Because we tend to trust people with attractive appearance, it can be an unpleasant surprise. Looks really can be deceiving.

4. They have «crazy eyes»


Psychopaths can be unusual, piercing gaze, which is not myself. It may sound too obvious, but the way it is. Enough to see pictures of homicidal psychopaths to be sure.

5. 1 from 10 men is a psychopath


Actually it’s not really a true statement and it does not mean that among your 10 friends dudes 1 must be a psychopath (although sometimes that is true, and even not one), but psychopaths are 10 times more common among men than among women. Although women are much more sophisticated psychopath.

6. They are unreliable people


Psychopaths and sociopaths often change plans at the last minute or say they’re going to do one thing and then doing quite another. Think of your friends happen to have none of them suddenly changes the plans? Maybe he’s a psychopath?

7. Psychopaths are smart

According to research, psychopaths are really intelligent people. They can manipulate anyone and do it with pleasure, knowing that they are smarter than everyone else.

8. They hate those who are weaker than them


They hate anyone who can use and anyone weaker than them. Well, well, bullies in most cases are crazy, but not just stupid thugs.

9. They love low-lying thrill


Sociopaths love «highs» of all kinds — something immediate that makes them feel any rush of danger excites them and excites. For the sake of the sensations they are willing to kill.

10. Dress up as all

This is contrary to popular belief, but psychopaths don’t often dress in a raincoat or all in black: they are usually dressed the same as you, your neighbor and everyone else.

11. They get really weird when drunk


Drunk people all weird and psychopaths — especially. Alcohol, of course, worsens their behavior. However, when a psychopath commits a crime, they prefer to remain completely sober.

12. They are losers


People diagnosed with psychopathy or sociopathy can be organized and implemented at some point, but incompetent when it comes to planning for the future. Most often they have no life plans, and therefore, in the end, many of them are caught.

13. People with autism are not psychopaths


Both have some strange behavior, but just to be clear: people with autism are not psychopaths. They have a different kind of mental disorder.

14. At first glance, they are adorable


Many psychopaths are not antisocial people. Some of them are quite friendly, charming, and know how to work in a team and communicate with people. This allows them to do what they want (illegal stuff) because no one will ever suspect something bad a great guy.

15. Delusions of grandeur


Some psychopaths have delusions of grandeur and believe that one day they will rule the world. That is why many of them believe that no one will ever know who they really are. But there are those who do not hide.

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