Cafe with special atmosphere, worth a visit

If your morning starts in the Mac, and the night ends at Burger king, it’s time to change something. There are dozens of places, restaurants and cafes that are worth visiting at least in order to brighten your dull routine and feel the unique atmosphere that is created in these institutions. And, of course, a full image of any restaurant develops only after exploring the menu for which come here and seekers of unusual and original. We’ll show you where to visit and where you will always be happy.

Coffee Bean

Moscow, Rostov, Belgorod, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kazan, Penza, Ryazan, Samara, Ulyanovsk

Who can boast not only excellent coffee and a friendly atmosphere, but also a rich 20-year history? Of course, Coffee Bean — some of our editors were not yet born into the light when he opened this coffee shop. And if you love coffee with a unique choice beans grown on the best plantations of the planet and carefully assembled tanned hands of farmers, then you definitely need to visit this place.

To Coffee Been presented more than 50 coffees from Latin and South America, Asia, and Africa — each one carefully selected over the entire lifetime of the coffee shop. But here can boast not only great coffee — you’ll be crazy about of author’s desserts from pastry chef network and a unique drinks of their own recipes, made from environmentally friendly and organic products. Interestingly, every coffee shop has its own design, but in each of them you will see elements of the original style, so whichever of the Coffee Been in Russia, you weren’t everywhere feel like home.

In addition, the guys make delicious cakes to order and serves great coffee blend, selecting the perfect combination of elite varieties of coffee. Even if you’re not drinking this noble drink, you should get to know him in an intimate and friendly atmosphere of this coffee shop.

Soup Cafe

Moscow, cafe vul. Brest, 62

Most recently, of «SOUP-cafe» turned 16 years, with which we congratulate them. Huge period for the institution, which says a lot. Among the hundreds of cafes that appear and disappear like mushrooms after the rain, «SOUP-cafe» stood like an oak, take root in the souls of men, and hiding them under his nice crown. Well, if no lyrics, then this is the place that you simply must visit.

When SOUP cafe just appeared, immediately became a haven for lovers of good music, because the atmosphere it was formed by well-known DJs who can’t imagine their life without electronic music and know what sound you need to bring to the table. These traditions were carefully preserved, and now you can hear here the guys that are at the vanguard of modern DJ party: Izhevski, brown-Zorkin and many others. The performances are held Thursday through Sunday, so you are sure to find the time to evaluate the music component of this institution.But cafes can be pleasant not only your ears and taste buds that have already atrophied from the soup and borscht. The menu is a whopping 44 soup! If you’re confused and can’t remember more than 10, then you should try the famous dish of soups — three any soup from the menu to choose from.

But if still in doubt, just come in any time of the day or night, chat with the bartenders, listen to good music and engage in the friendly atmosphere of this establishment.


Moscow, 2-ya Zvenigorodskaya street, 12-e building 70

«Trinket» has a noble purpose and unusual — to develop the coffee culture. If you think coffee is just coffee, and quietly stepping aside when your friends begin to discuss different varieties and tastes, then you should definitely visit this place. Here for you will prepare the tastiest coffee in the world, will conduct an excursion into history and talk about the different tastes and shades, which are actually tens and even hundreds. But words will not suffice — the guys will be happy to try coffee, which sounded to you a tasty and aromatic.

What is the secret of popularity of «Drinkit»? First, the guys have their own roasting. Roasted coffee here every week, so it was always fresh.

Second, in the «Drinkie» not afraid to experiment and constantly improve their skills. By the way, at a cafe school Barista Nastya Nikitina, where you can teach the skill of making coffee. So if you want to learn how to cook a delicious Cup of coffee at home or surprise your friends with unexpected talent, then you will be happy to share their knowledge and experience.

Third, the cafe has a unique atmosphere, and coming here feels like home — here you will get not only organic coffee and desserts, and natural communication, which is lacking in many institutions.

The guys are developing and are going to open new points in Moscow and cities of Russia. Interestingly, they are against franchises — profit, but «Drinketh» other purposes. It seems to us that it is an important fact worth mentioning.

Apotheke Bar

Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova street 1

At Apotheke Bar embodies the characteristic features of Western bars: pleasant shade, quiet music and a charismatic bartender at the bar. What is particularly pleasing Apotheke Bar entirely devoid of posturing — an atmosphere of mystery, because it has no signage and is hidden from prying eyes. If you’re sick of pretentious submission, the ubiquitous flattery and overly complex combinations, then this place is for you.

Bar is following the latest world trends and uses the most interesting of them. For example, you will not find in the institution of the traditional menu, but instead the bartender will offer to tell you about the alcohol preferences, favorite artist or a recent vacation, and on the basis of this story make a drink. Work so many bars from the US and Europe: London’s Artesian and Trick Dog in San Francisco. The bartenders at Apotheke Bar pay attention to local foods and herbs — another important global trend. If you want to expand your preferences, you can try drinks that use herbal infusions.The beauty and strength of the institution lies in its simplicity and perfectly calibrated style. Despite the lack of a cocktail menu, Apotheke bar has signature cocktails, perfectly fit into the concept of the institution. «The robe of a pharmacist» — a strong, sweet and sour mix ruby color with juniper flavor; Kardio fashioned — dry, tart with a mild bitterness that gives a decoction of melilot; «Licorice sour» — sweet-and-sour cocktail with syrup of licorice; — they are always popular. However, in the Apotheke Bar is worth going in the first place for experiments, because the imagination of local mixologists as inexhaustible as the imagination of their grateful guests.

CoffeeShop Company

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Arkhangelsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Vladimir, Voronezh, Nizhniy Novgorod

The story of this particular chain began in 1999, when the son of the Creator of the most sophisticated coffee machines in the world, Reinhold Sharp, decided to open a chain of coffee houses, a concept which will be a combination of the European culture of consumption and American bar, plus a perfect coffee. And he did it — now the CoffeeShop Company can be found in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Russia. An impressive result, which became possible due to service and presentation in this place.

The highlight of the CoffeeShop that the coffee shop combines European values working with clients and the spirit of American dining. And brings together these seemingly opposites, coffee from highland Arabica beans, hand-picked, most advanced equipment and a modern and cozy atmosphere of coffee shops. Compliance with these standards is monitored myself Reinhold Sharf, visiting all the new coffeehouse personally — which country would you not come coming back, you’ll feel cozy and familiar.

So if you want to feel professional Vienna filing, cheer up and read the latest the New York Times in the cold Russian morning with a Cup of great coffee, made from carefully guarded blend of Arabica, come to this wonderful place and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the CoffeeShop. Everything is here not only for recreation but also for productive work at each of the 100 coffee shops have Wi-Fi, chargers and plenty of outlets. And if you use a loyalty system, 15% of every purchase back on your card. In other words, every 7th coffee is free!

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