Buyers are Fallout 4 will have a real PIP-boy

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_kZxrtIITpRkr3The firm, which is famous for producing games in which elves and reptilians endlessly roam the dungeons of the fictional continents (Bethesda), and now responsible for the release of Fallout 4, said that included with a collector’s edition of Fallout 4, generous the buyer will receive a model of a wearable computer PIP-boy (Pip-Boy) from the game. This was reported by representatives of Bethesda at the annual E3 show.

I promise that it is not just a souvenir, a model of portable computer will have the potential for practical use: in the special slot, you can insert an ordinary smartphone with the installed application for iOS and Android. The app mimics the familiar interface of the gaming PIP-Boy and can connect the phone to the PC, Xbox One or PS4 for use with portable computer directly in the game – a full immersion into the game reality. That is, feel like a resident of the Asylum. Apparently, in the fifth part of the legendary game developers will give full-fledged robots and created in the underground laboratories of ghouls.

Representatives of Bethesda also called the release date of the game: Fallout 4 will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and pc on 10 November 2015. Currently available for installation only a mini-game for iOS called Fallout Shelter.

PIP-boy – portable computer game series Fallout, one of the standard fittings of the residents of the Shelters. Combines the function of the Great Soviet encyclopedia, Navigator, and youtube. The first friend and assistant on the post-apocalyptic plains.

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