Buxom blogger decided to support the women of instagram

Instagram again shines another «creative» trend. This time was the hurt feelings of one of the many bloggers full build – Jenny Rushmore. In his account Jenny posted the sketch to a swimsuit, which she plans to do. By itself, the swimsuit designed for «curvy», in other words, those who can’t stop eating the donuts.

Of course, there was the dude who commented on the sketch as follows: «You need to eat less cakes, if you want to look on the beach.» Soon the comment was deleted, but the storm of indignation covered the Internet.

Now you can go through the tag #CakeWithCashmerette and see how ladies United front decided to use the «image» of your favorite blogger and flaunt the process of eating cakes.

The action began just four days ago. But the number of photos of cakes and open mouths exceeded a few hundred. Rushmore, according to the participants of this flashmob network, thus receives support. Blogger itself known not only as a clothing designer (she released an art-book a few designed for women with large forms), but as a person who fights against condemnation of people who suffer from excess weight.

We manygoodtips.com I don’t really like fat women. And you?

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