Butterfly knife and multitool in one bottle


What a gift for the New year for men really good? Drink? Original Goodies? A woman? Tools? That’s about the last detail.

To give knives many people think a bad sign, the type of knife will drink blood like a Chris-knives in «Dune» by Frank Herbert. Another superstition, nothing more than a superstition, but for those who still believe, I can say that this is not a knife, and multitool. I don’t know of any superstitions that forbade giving a multitool. Multitool includes small saw, flat screwdriver, hex socket, wire stripper and a good old-fashioned bottle opener. If you need a hook, multitool it too.

By the way, the multitool is designed in a stylish format factor of a knife-a butterfly that makes it even better. Stainless steel, easy grip — a great gift.

By the way, can be purchased on the website http://manygoodtips.com/www.thinkgeek.com/ the price is $ 13.


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