Business rules from Aristotle Onassis

Young people gradually forget the great Greek tycoon, after all his name is not on the lips of those in power and constantly musallas all sorts of tabloids. Onassis was the real star of his time. He was bold, but not eccentric, a gun fell and kings, and ordinary maids, but he never shocked the public, however, remains perhaps the most prominent businessman in history. He knew how to live beautifully, it was always surrounded by only bright women. One of his wives was the widow of John Kennedy and Opera diva Maria Callas. Able people to live as many do not dare to dream.

His wealth was legendary, which only cost his fleet of supertankers and cargo ships larger than the navies of many countries. But his Empire he built from scratch. Born into a wealthy family, he lost everything at the age of 15 years, when the Turks massacred over Christians in his native Smyrna, now called Izmir (do not be surprised, for centuries it was a Greek city founded, like many in Asia Minor, Greeks). At such a young age he had become a man. But the innate vitality and entrepreneurial talent don’t let him die, and went to Argentina, working without sleep and rest it for a few years, transformed from an immigrant in a wealthy citizen. And then – a story full of glitz, glamour and innovation that no one thought of this before.

Here’s a brilliant biography briefly. Should convince you to trust the old Ari.

To become rich, you have to behave like a rich man… even if you’re very poor

«To be successful, looking tanned, live in an elegant building (even if you are in the attic), be visible in good restaurants (even if you drink one drink) and if you take, take it big».

To occupy, to take

«If you have no money, take a loan. Never ask for small amounts. Take a lot at once, but always quick to give.»

Bind your thinking to others

«To succeed in business, you need to make others see things as you see them».

Workaholics don’t sleep

«Not a lot of sleep. If you sleep 3 hours less every night of the year, you will have additional eighteen months in order to achieve success.»

The business is personal relationships

«In business, no friends, no enemies. There are only partners and competitors».

The only reason to become rich

«If it weren’t for women, all the money of this world would have meant nothing».

The secret of success

«The secret of business is simple – know what nobody else knows».

Big money is a big responsibility

«The more you have, the more you know, than not have.»

Success comes only to the brave

«We must free ourselves from hope that the sea ever calm down. We must learn to sail in a strong wind».

Appearance in business is not important

«Don’t worry about your physical shortcomings. You are a Greek God to be perfect.»

Business as a lifestyle

«Even to have fun you have with commercial benefits for themselves.»

Do not overdo it

«Don’t chase the money – go to meet them».

About the most difficult

«The hardest thing to earn your first million dollars.»

Business likes risk

«After a certain point money ceases to be the goal, they cease to have value. The game itself – that’s what takes.

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