Business is not stupid

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2015_TshRhEBVXIOFRWhen you look at such lists, one could wonder: «What the hell! Why do you have to work on unloved work from 9 to 18 until some simpleton earn money for… for… God knows what?!» It turns out, you can do business even on the passion of your friend to squeeze you from behind Chiri. The main thing – to take the risk. Business loves risk. And in the end, the lucky fools.

1. Million Dollar Home

Look here, on the website of 1,000,000 pixels. You need to pay one dollar per pixel, to place it upon something: advertising, announcement, anything. That is possibly the most stupid idea of online business that could come to the man’s head. However, 21-year-old Alex TEW, who came up with that delusional uberalova, now a millionaire.

2. SantaMail

But this is a good idea. Find a postal address at North pole (city in Alaska), pretend you Santa Claus and take $ 10 from parents who want their kids received a letter. It would seem that such a person should be put behind the mockery of a childhood dream and parents. But since the beginning of their business, since 2001, Byron Reese sent more than 200 thousand letters, which made him a couple million dollars richer.

However, not everyone is so lucky. Some pretend to be relatives of Vorkuta, asking for money, and get 5 years in prison.

3. Doggles

To develop protective goggles for dogs and sell them could either a genius or clinical degenerate. However, now this degenerate is awash in luxury, and I like the Marlboro man in the famous film, wrap your shoes with tape so they finally fell apart, and the second week save the money to buy bread.

4. LaserMonks is profile office Cistercian Abbey of the virgin Mary monastery, in which only 8 monks. And these same 8 monks since 2005… refill cartridges. Not simple, but grace-filled cartridges! Every word that is typed with a share of Holiness. Hallelujah! The level of sales for last year totaled $ 2.5 million! Praise The Lord! Isn’t it a miracle! However, some denominations earn that sort of nonsense a lot of money.

5. AntennaBalls

There are antenna balls that fit over a car antenna. Jason wall on this made a fortune. Here’s a cross (+) – they are really buying!

6. FitDeck

Take a deck of cards with images of various physical exercises and start to sell them for $18,95. For the money, some even the dove spit will not. But former Navy «cat» and fitness instructor Phil black had declared last year an income of 4.7 million dollars. Apparently, he is in every was a purely military approach.

7. PositivesDating.som

HIV-infected people, despite his terrible affliction, too, want to live life to the fullest. But such as they are, to make such very difficult. Paul graves and Brandon Kochlin, contrary odgovaram friends decided to create a Dating site for people living with HIV. Profit for the first year amounted to 110 thousand dollars.

8. Designer Diaper Bags

Christie rein was tired to carry diapers in a separate carrying bag. 34-year-old mother constantly suffered from the fact that she had to fill a bag of diapers for her infant son, so they don’t get crushed in her purse. Rhine wanted something compact, beautiful and stylish, so in November 2004, she, along with her husband, decided to create a special diaper bag that would be spacious enough in order to fit the entire set traveler and 2-4 diapers. Now the company Christi Diapees&Wipees annual turnover of more than $180000, they design bags in 22 different styles that can be purchased online and in 120 boutiques worldwide for $14.99. On bags for diapers. Bags for diapers. It’s still idiotic for packages!

9. PickyDomains

Hire another person to come up with a nice name, used to be considered a form of exploitation. Everyone wants to be called beautiful, but few people will pay for it. But PickyDomains currently has a waiting list of people who want to pay their hard-earned money for the cool and easy to remember domain name. Their sales have long stalled at the six-digit mark.

10. Lucky Wishbone

There is a tradition to speculate on the fulfillment of desires on the chicken of the zygomatic bone. In our country it is not particularly common, but abroad is very loved. But even there, many believed the idiocy of plastic bones for divination. However, as it turned out, a lot of people willing to buy this crap. Maybe they just felt sorry for the chickens. At the moment, the company produces 30 thousand seeds every day (they cost $ 3 apiece) and its founder Ken Ahroni, bathed in gold like Scrooge McDuck.

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