Business ideas with small investment

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_wjJO4jLXeKIqJAfter working for wages, every second understands that it is impossible to live. Give your precious time to a stranger for a tiny fee (even if the salary seems decent, still your time is more expensive) is not a limit of dreams. Working for yourself is a different story. That earned, it is yours. One catch: you first need to accumulate start-up capital. To start faster, you can adopt a business idea that requires minimal investments. And where to get them? knows advise.

1. Online store

Sounds serious, but it is actually much easier than it seems. For starters, you can not even get to the website, limiting the group in «Vkontakte», Facebook page and other social networks. You need to purchase the initial range (even the most modest set will cost not less than 50 000), to order professional design for all pages and leave the money on targeted advertising in social networks and custom posts. You may have to pay for the work of qualified SMM-specialists, but it is not always necessary. After reading books on the subject, you yourself will cope with the promotion of their group.

Deciding to open an online shop, you face the most important question any novice businessman: what you have to sell? Anything — the main thing that you had the original range. Selling products from the Chinese market are doomed to failure. Another thing — the products from the Chinese sites. Their cheap to buy in bulk, and they look interesting.

The idea: a gift shop, caps, hats (in Vogue this season, will not lose), sports nutrition, backpacks, even a fun girls ‘ tights — you just have to poraskinut brains.

2. Proud word «export»

The Internet is a great place to do business. This way you can sell products not only in your city but also abroad. How could we not cursed «Mail of Russia», it is very good that we have it. The main thing — correctly to calculate shipping cost. Although shipping is the second question, what is the essence of this idea?

As practice shows use eBay sells anything you want, including goods from Russia with incredible markup. In principle, you don’t even need start — up capital- may slowly generate the range and send the goods on receipt of orders. The margin can be put absolutely any, on a separate line to register a delivery charge. Warning comments in the spirit of «I can’t buy», the answer: buy. Even as a buy. All buy it.

On eBay with hands will tear off the chocolate «Alenka», candy «Korkunov», Hematogen, say, electrocasnice (abroad about them have no idea — there are similar products from teleshopping), halva in chocolate candy «bird’s milk», a candy wrapper, with triangular edges, goods with Olympic symbols, Soviet badges — with any mark-up. We only need to think about.

3. The vending machine only

A simple and elegant way to start a business to put in a passable place a vending machine… everything sold in vending machines.

The most budget option available — a vending machine for Shoe covers blue plastic bags with elastic, which are usually worn in hospitals. It would seem, a trifle, but the hospital is always crowded, and booties are needed in each of them. The machine is in the range of 40 000 roubles for business a mere penny. Shoe covers and capsules and even cheaper if you buy them separately and on their own packaging, it is possible to save even more.

Vending machines with coffee, condoms, sweets, cigarettes, copy machines are more expensive, but in the future will be more profitable. Don’t try to be fashionable, you can buy a used machine: it is cheaper. Coffee — from 60 000 roubles (can be cheaper if you are not afraid to sell too cheap), snack — 100 000, cigarette — from 150 000 rubles, condmat (with condoms) — from 50 000 rubles. Don’t forget about the consumables.

You can not invent and put in place the pass-through payment terminal, its cost — from 65 000 rubles.

4. Find a fellow investor

Then your capital will double and you will be able to choose from a more serious and thorough options. Moreover, one head — good, two — better. Will be able to share the responsibility, and in difficult times is someone to rely on.

5. Rural idyll

Provided that you have a cottage and summer begins, there is a great way to start a business to grow for sale greens, radishes and other agricultural stuff. They can be offered to sale in shops, or hire a private implementer, or to act in his role. The business is seasonal, but if you build on the gained over the summer, the money a heated greenhouse, it opens new horizons.

6. Craft

In the implementation of the business the principal amounts spent on rent and equipment, so the businesses with the least amount of costs by definition are based on small squares. In a small closet no cafes, no people, including young children or a night club will not host, but for a Shoe shop and a workshop on manufacturing of keys will fit. Your major expenses will be the equipment and salary.

7. To breed cats

Or dogs. Buy a few purebred puppies, to nurture, to care for them and hard to cross. When people litter, to sell at a serious price. The lack of business in a slow payback, but there is a significant advantage: give birth to dogs and cats from half the football team.

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