Business etiquette for a successful businessman

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_stnO2DKLVUULXIf you want to run a successful business, you must learn such a complex, tedious, but incredibly useful thing as business etiquette. No matter what your business: you sell cakes, or you have an international construction company – these rules may be of use to you.

How to properly greet


Always when enter a room first, say Hello first. Whoever you are, whoever your business partner: a frivolous woman, gray-haired old man or a kid, younger than you. If the office is a large crowd, to limit the common greeting. It is not necessary, as in «Ivan Vasilyevich», to go to each and say, «nice to meet you, king.»

After you shake hands with someone you came. When we say Hello, not just a simple «Hello». Call the person by their name. If you do not know the name, learn to ward! Say that I am very glad to meet you, but no more. It is not necessary to tell that all life dreamt to get acquainted with and wrote about him at school essay on «My idol». Restraint and courtesy above all.

However, don’t forget about the sense of self-importance. In the introduction, when you submit, or you represent yourself, do not rush to lend a hand. The one who represents you should do so first. If he also read this article and is in no hurry to lend a hand, your bad deeds. And remember: according to business etiquette, the official meeting is not customary to kiss the hand of the lady (no matter how good it is, will show their respect in another way). Hand kiss only at social events and only to married women. In General, refrain from all sorts of kisses and hugs. You, in the end, came here to do business or what?!

If sitting, stand up when greeting. However, if you stand very uncomfortable (little space closely), then so be it, apologize and congratulate browsing.

How to shake hands


If you shook hands with one group of people, then you need to shake and all the rest. Don’t push greatly! This is not armwrestling. But gentle and symbolic touch is also not necessary. And that still think that you are weak and weak-willed pushover. It is extremely indecent to shake the man’s hand across the table, head over to the other person across the threshold. Just standing opposite each other. And put out your other hand out of your pocket! When shaking hands both hands must be visible and empty.

Many people ask whether it is necessary to shake hands with the ladies? recommends: of course. Women’s handshake is no different from the male, especially on the rules of business etiquette. What difference does one touch hands? And remember: in business etiquette first holds the hand of the head, even if the slave – woman.

Insidious business etiquette does not welcome a handshake with both hands. Leave it for the manifestation of a more intimate relationship with people. Moreover, there are patients hooked on business etiquette to people who may think that you’re so hinting at his desire to protect, however, if you don’t do business with the Americans. They have such gesture in the order of things, especially in business.

How to introduce yourself


If you are around the people you see for the first time, quoting the classics, «don’t Stenata». Boldly ye himself and not wait until you will introduce. This may further create an awkward situation and form a wrong impression about you. Will think you’re a pushover. If you meet at a business meeting, it is not necessary proud of their achievements, list of titles and victories in city contests and show off his butterfly collection. In business, love low-key, self-sufficient people. About will tell you your business, simply indicate your occupation.

When you imagine a person, focus and remember his name, so that later, expressing his respect to call him during the interview by name.

If you bring a friend with you, first imagine it to their colleagues and partners, and then himself. And remember two rules: a man represent a woman, younger in age or position – senior.

The right business cards


Business cards – it is also an art of business communication. If you have a serious business, it is necessary that the business card was designed in a simple, concise style. If you work with foreign partners, is to print business cards in the language of the partners. Especially love Asians. It is better to make business cards in two languages: Ukrainian and English. Cool businessmen do not make bilingual business cards. If any information has changed, you need to order new business cards, don’t do scribbles with a pen and something to fix.

And here’s another life hack. If you have not found the man on the spot, but I want to leave a reminder of himself, bend upper right corner you left business cards. To send your business card with a note through a third party – a custom common in international business communication.

How to behave at parties


When you leave strangers, do not have to say goodbye to everyone. Business leaving a crowded party, you just say goodbye to the hosts of the meeting, otherwise your departure will be a signal «home».

If you are not lucky and on the ears hooked particularly talkative character, he shouldn’t be rude to abruptly leave or to say in another place more fun. It is enough just to indicate a friend of the guy, to say he is a very interesting person to introduce them to each other, to apologize, to leave and to come to the table with the buffet.

Remember, unlike the greeting, you can’t just say, «Thanks, bye,» and walked away. Use the universal phrase, «It’s nice to see you,» and expressed hope for a new meeting.

How would you not be bored, you can’t go immediately. Topcis for decency with half an hour to communicate with people. And then fly on all 4 sides. No one will be offended.

How to negotiate correctly


Negotiations. Here it is important not to make mistakes.

Partner invite in two weeks. Give him time to study and prepare. The negotiations must be equal structure of participants on each side, as in «wall to wall». It’s called the beautiful word «parity». The venue of the talks should offer the inviting party. However, the invited party may reject. Especially if you made the appointment for early morning or late evening. All you have to do during the day.

So you don’t have to remember anybody’s names, put in front of each card with the name. The sides sit opposite each other in the order of increasing positions from associate to senior.

It is not necessary to bring your entire staff. Should be only those who really need it. Imagine each prior to negotiations and try to remember why he’s here.

If the negotiations with foreigners, will agree in advance what language will keep the language. If necessary, hire a translator, because you want all understood each other?

Do not torture themselves or partners do not speak for over two hours, take a break for coffee. Just don’t offer SARDU for 10 rubles in a nearby kiosk. What people think about you people! Do not be stingy! And, most importantly, be sure to make a plan of the conversation and came it to their partners.

How to meet a distant guest


If you had to greet guests at the airport, we went there of his patron, accompanied by 2-3 people. You can, of course, to go myself, but if you’re too lazy to hang out on the tubes, no one will be offended. There is an unspoken rule: if the guest arrives with his wife, and the host head arrives at the first meeting, accompanied by his wife. If you’re not scared. It is not necessary but desirable. Some people are old school judge a man by his status. Supposedly, started a family, paren, reliable.

By the way, if you think that you can just put a partner in the car and to take him with the coolest hangouts in the city, you’re wrong. Even such a seemingly little thing you need to do it right. The most honorable place is the back seat across from the driver – it is your overseas visitor. He first gets in the car and first out. If you came by yourself driving, the position of the next guest.

When will take the guest to the hotel, break up with him on the street, don’t accompany him to the lobby. After all, is a business partner and not a relative.

How to talk on the phone


To call a mobile phone in business matters as working hours, on weekdays, they considered the time interval from 09:00 to 21:00. At school we were told to turn off cell phones in the classroom. In the negotiations it has to be done in the first place.

If you ignore, don’t call every two minutes. Maybe the person can’t talk to you right now. Repeat attempt no earlier than 2 hours. If the phone owner is not an asshole, he’ll call. By the way, the business etiquette is merciless to telephone calls. If after the fifth beep, the handset is not lifted, dump. By the way, is to answer after the second or third call. And don’t ask, does it feel comfortable to speak: working time and working time. And not drop a call, it’s ugly. Of you not think. Sorry, as mother taught, and say you will call back later. If the connection is terminated, call back whoever called.

It is believed that at the buzzer at the successful genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist should stand simple trill or just vibrate. Of course, do not put Burzum or Cannibal Corpse, but some nice unobtrusive music is fine.

And remember: don’t let other people’s phone numbers without the consent of the owners.

And finally


And most importantly, do not fuss. Any discreet. Nervous don’t do sudden movements, do not swarmed in the hair. Try not to itch. There’s a position called the «Fig leaf pose». Officially, they say it resembles the letter V. But we both know what it’s like. You cannot cross my arms. Speak clearly, don’t shout and don’t mumble. And most importantly, do not sit too close to the partner. Not understand.

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