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There’s nothing worse than an excuse for his inaction. There’s a lot of potential, but you’re not using it. And it’s not that you’re a terrible person. You’re quite a normal guy, but just damn insecure in their capabilities. We understand you, because if you look, you will see many obstacles on the way to the realization of the dream. If you want to become a great guitar player, you’ll have a lot to learn. If you want to be a lawyer is not worse than Saul Goodman, except for charisma, you have to learn a ton of laws. Everywhere there is work, but in our country it is not always rewarded, as it seems, because you yourself are a witness to many injustices. But even if all this is true, then do you think that the only thing you can do is nothing?

Obstacles and overcoming them

Business is not an exact science, it is much harder because it requires you personal qualities, not just knowledge. You have to accommodate those principles that make you a man. Without a firm belief can not build a business, because at every turn you will face resistance. The economic system is unstable, the government is not going to help, and the people around, even the best of friends, generally better not to spend time with you. This is not to say that everything is bad. This suggests that you are the architect of your own happiness.

Take a certain sphere of business. For example, now all over Russia, even in the face of crisis and collapse of the currency, successfully working men’s hairdressing, which we used to call the barbershop. Craven people will say that these Barber shops is a consequence of rampant fashion, waves, which was used by enterprising. On the one hand this is true, because in order to curb the wave, you need to be adventurous. On the other hand, you have to remember the situation of 2010 when the whole of Russia was only a few of the barbershop. Nobody knew what it was. People used to get my hair cut at regular salons, where there was never guarantee that you will cut it the way you want it. No one thought that with the master you can talk about something interesting. To discuss heroes «Let them talk» is always welcome, but to talk to my husband about politics, culture or women? And no one at all never thought about it.

Therefore, we believe that business he created the audience. They took the balls and made an absolutely marginal popular topic. Hipsters are gradually fading, bearded fashion, too, and the barbershop remain, because they are out of fashion.

What are we up to it? In the first Russian representatives of this bearded and mustachioed business there was no support in the form of dedicated public, the state or the forces of nature. They have created themselves, and taking advantage of the moment and the experience of generations, and the fact that they decided to do their job well. Nobody thought that in our country you can do cool stuff and earn it, but depressive approach to the business was broken. People are wiser, therefore you need to wise up that you have something started to happen.

Any difficulty that you will encounter on the road is only a slight delay, so you can improve and become stronger. So you have to treat every alleged «impossibilities» that can be solved, if you treat them adequately.

True story, bro

We don’t want to waste your time, so I decided instead of the simple tips to tell you about the real Siberian history, which we are seriously interested.

It takes place in Irkutsk, where for 2 years it was opened on the 8th of institutions in which men cut men. The uniqueness of the place is that they are a barbershop discounter. In other words, you will have to cut for 1500-2000 rubles. You will cut a maximum of 500 rubles, and will cut well. It would seem that such a network can only be opened by a guy with connections, people with money or some other shark that decided to capture a niche.

But it’s not. Network «the Barber» was opened by a man who from the age of 13 cuts men. This man’s name is Azamat, and he’s a professional. No Barber shop it first, of course, did not possess. In his childhood he was cutting people in Samarkand — a city where traditionally divided hairdressing for men and women. Grandfather Azamat was a men’s hairdresser, and grandfather was also a Barber, which generally taught Barber with the pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg. Here’s the real story, where tradition directly penetrate into reality and embodied in such a modern thing as a barbershop.

I think that the Barber must first have a character that will allow him to learn the art of haircut, even if his fingers will not. A man of character can achieve great heights in this business. And, of course, the Barber must love what he does.

– Azamat –This comment illustrates the correct understanding of the business. People have achieved success in the field men’s hairdressers, made himself from scratch — took first place at the prestigious American Cup Colorado Barber Battle in the fall of 2016 and opened his case. That is exactly what should be done, even if you want to make the doughnuts, hunting rifles and supplies of fire extinguishers in Syria.

Speaking of the championship. Our people are often afraid to compete with stronger opponents, but «strong opponents» is a mythical construction that quickly breaks if you show enough courage, character and ability. Do not be afraid to compete. Want to start a business, but the city has competitors? Joining them in the fight and become the first.

The understanding of the business, good people, affordable prices and knowledge of your customer — it gives the fruits, because now «the Barber» is the largest network in the region. Despite the fact that they work for 60 people, a network is actively developed and has come to launch your franchise. This suggests that there will be expansion in other regions. Given that technology discounter works like a clock, we provide a large number of people willing to become part of the history of this franchise.

And how it all began? With a strong solution, which served as the Foundation for the Foundation for future success. People moved to another country with nothing except the experience and the desire to be the best in the business. No circumstances prevented. No crisis. No critic. As it should be. If you have the desire to do his own thing, begin right now. Business is always done in spite of difficulties, otherwise it can not be.

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