Business card holder with a single suture

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2015_WZ6Zg31S5tq8oDude, good to have you back in the difficult everyday reality! Remember how two weeks ago you were loitering in shopping malls in search of the best gifts for their loved ones. If you’re a thoughtful guy, you probably have prepared a list of prospective Internet purchases checked out the store in which a particular product is cheaper. Never forget that you have a bunch of discount cards that can bring good profit.

Perhaps you have gathered a whole bunch of credit cards and cards that inflate your wallet to unprecedented size. Most of these cards is absolutely useless. For starters get rid of half of them, and then proceeded to make simple but useful storage for the cards.

1. Pick up the skin


For the manufacture of business card holders you will need a piece of thin leather. Responsibly come to choosing colors, because this thing will last you and your cards.

2. Ready

We remember that most of the dudes hands grow from the right place, but even they need a template on which you can cut any piece of skin. So better print out the template and cut the skin with it.

3. Crosslinking


Now you only have to fold the skin and using thick thread and a needle to make one stitch.

4. Ready


Well, everything can be loaded into the holder all the necessary cards. Lovers of minimalism and hand-made will certainly appreciate the fruits of your hard work.

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