Business card: an educational program for guy

cardIn XIX—XX centuries any interaction between people were strictly defined framework of etiquette. Not the last role in such strictly regulated the relations of the played card. Business cards helped Butler to announce who came to visit, and reminded people about their new Dating and schedule appropriate visits. In addition, it was part of social identity. The card talked a lot about its owner: what she looked like, what the texture was paper, as it was presented. Business cards gone along with the cylinder and cigar-cases, but look how intelligent and sophisticated was the tradition!Today we will tell you about the history of cards.

A history of business cards

In the XIX — early XX century, business cards were used for visiting relatives, friends and acquaintances of the members of nobility. The use of business cards was a real social ritual, a calling card, was the center around which were built the whole ritual of going to visit. Every gentleman had with him a stock of business cards to make the visits. When he looked to someone, then handed the Butler his card. He was holding a silver tray that contained a business card. If the man came to visit, was home, the Butler brought him in to host was ready to receive the guest. If this man was not at home, the Butler left the card on the tray until his return.

business cards

Before his first visit to the house of a gentleman at first, they simply left a card, and then was himself. If his new friend wanted to come to visit him, also he first sent him his card. If the card is not sent or sent in an envelope, it meant that the person wishes to visit. The card in the envelope could mean that people no longer wish to see those to whom it is addressed. It was considered daring antics. A business card was also used, when a gentleman wanted to see someone in the hotel or in the salon. He sent his card while waiting for the «reception» of his friend or partner.

Business card design was very simple. It was about the size of a current credit card, on it was written the owner’s name and address. The name was located in the center. Doctors on the card it reads: «the doctor», the military is their rank employees — rank.

Some were of the two types of business cards: with the address and a blank space instead, which could be written. These cards were larger and on an empty place to write the text of the invitation to dinner, theatre or other event. The name was written inlay.

Such embossed card was considered a special name for them was written in script. All the rules regarding order of delivery of the card its design, font, etc. has varied from year to year and could even mislead the owner as to what is fashionable and how to apply for a card.

Guide cards of the XIX century

The ritual of presenting and receiving business cards was a complicated ritual, which is perfectly performed by the gentlemen of the XIX century. Today it may seem funny and overly formal, but at all times in any of the formalities is your approach. It’s not wink on Facebook! Just to make you feel like in the nineteenth century, here’s a few of the most basic (at the time) rules relating to business cards.

  • For the first time visiting the house, the gentleman received the hallmark of each lady lives in this house.
  • Business card of a married man was average size, single small. Male cards have always been less feminine.
  • When the gentleman came to visit the house, and the woman was gone, and instead her house was her daughter, he filed a map and walked, because unmarried women were considered indecent to make their own man if they were not close friends.

That meant curved corners business cards

  • Personal visit (as opposed to the administration of business cards Butler): the upper-right corner.
  • A congratulatory visit: the left top corner.
  • Visit condolences to: the lower left corner.
  • Visit of good-bye (if the husband was going to leave): the lower right corner.
  • If the house had more than one lady, the gentleman bent corner of the card to indicate that the visit was intended for the whole family.

Rules of awarding business card


Greeting cards primarily to give personally, but it is also acceptable to transfer is a personal visit. For example, within one month after the birth, friends send family greeting cards.


If the person is not able to attend the celebration, he sent his card and waited for the bride not announce the place of their new residence, and then went to them with a visit. This period was assumed to pay a visit to the Bridal parents or other relatives arranging techniques.

If the wedding were invited only relatives and close friends, the groom sent his bachelor card in the envelope to their friends wanted to continue the friendship. Those who received such cards, the newlyweds came to visit over the next 10 days in their new home.

After the wedding, friends of the bride and groom sent their card a new pair. So the couple appeared contact information about friends, and they could keep in touch with them.

Cards of condolence

When someone died, his friends sent to his house on a map of compassion, which was bent bottom left corner — but otherwise it was a normal map. It was delivered personally, and the visitor inquired about the health of the family before you leave. When the family was able to host visitors, she sent his cards to those who brought them the compassion card, giving a sign that they are ready to receive guests.

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