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manygoodtips.com_26.07.2016_KTofLzninQpIMIt used to be easier. People complained about the «evil capitalists» who had taken money from them by creating a terrible and devastating body things such as: cigarettes, alcohol, and food grown from not understand why. Today we see rich people in the churches, the legislatures, and police stations. Don’t mean to offend, just tell you the official news agenda, which is poured in our ears every day. But no one pays attention to a pretty popular things that thrive in this age of hate and deception. And all because externally they don’t look false, but their insides are not different from what we used to see earlier. The fact that today it is fashionable to support some of the trends on the market under the guise of good intentions. However, pseudo-humanists do not see the point — they just cut down a bunch of money. And money, we are confident that is the root cause of all this boom, «right business». So, pulled out a packet that kills our lungs, placed in front of them «unhealthy» Burger and begin to open your eyes.

It is a healthy food, trust us!

How to win the audience over? Tell them that they are different from others — they are better on moral and biological grounds. And we are not about grandpa Alojzije, and deployed around the world network proper and healthy diet. It’s numerous cafes, where you lettuce will put some more lettuce, seasoned by them. However, there can be caught and boiled chicken. But there are, after all, not only cafes are at the mercy of the health food industry. There are a lot of stores that boast of their «naturalness». The fact that they don’t treat vegetables and fruits with chemicals (spoiler: all they handle). We are confident that if not an economic crisis, then across Russia was going on the same story as, for example, in France. Now there are whole fields that grow the «right vegetables.» However, grown rather, the marketers who found the perfect shape that is similar to fascism.

And forgive us, dear herbivores. We don’t have to you no malice, just always burst out laughing when we RUB game. And we RUB whenever we see the tenets of healthy eating from large corporations, whose offices are out of reach for a mere mortal height.

The correct way of life is expensive

manygoodtips.com_26.07.2016_2xIP0aph76fDNI said about exercise, it would be necessary. So, my friend, this is the more industry is stuffed with large sums of money. People want to be Apollo, I’m afraid to grow old and to put on weight on a few extra pounds. If you do, then that’s great — I respect you and your efforts. We hope that you spend time not in vain. However, you should know the truth — a lot of things that you see in fitness centers are not created for your happiness and physical well-being. This is done to ensure that you are hooked on training needle which you didn’t need, but it inspired you, because you’re solvent, obedient and want to be better. So pay now, for life.

I’ve met guys who do not think, that to learn at home without any trainer (even though he at first is even useful), any protein supplements and sophisticated gym equipment. A healthy lifestyle has become a marketing gimmick that forces you to take what you don’t need. Want to bet? You’re welcome.

Women’s rights? So, they are to the left of the stand with Coca-Cola

In Russia it is still not mainstream, but the West smelled this topic completely. All this bodypositive, the theme of violence from adults and the rules of conduct and strong independent women. As we would like, that they really were so fewer headaches and problems, well, right! But this will not happen because no one in this world has such a joy — to be independent. It is not enough to be born male or female, for that to be a person that no noisy struggle for rights is not brought up.

So, our another seditious thought is that women’s rights in the context of the modern information field, is simply a theme for earnings. The next commercial boom, which is a parasite on the real fight for women’s rights that has place in a significant part of the Islamic world. We see a disease that spreads not only in public discourse but also in the scientific community. Came to mind many stories, when the state financed absurd research, like when the glaciers and feminism (this is no joke!). Gender studies as it’s called. What these studies differ from the medieval theologians that every phenomenon is explained from the standpoint of his religion? The day before yesterday from a Christian perspective, yesterday the position of Nazism, and now — from the perspective of feminism. In this we see only the commercial and electoral benefits, which, in this case, imposed by governments and a free market will die in a few years. It’s funny to see how the throat «fighters for the rights» are broken from the heart-rending cry, hurt when their favorite franchise.

By the way, I wanted to share with you one interesting finding, namely, video meats (if you do not know English, then turn on the subtitles) that reflects the state of contemporary Western feminism, because for him it would be possible to find more realistic goals, which could make the world better.

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