Business and personal life: to kill two birds with one stone. Part 1

Work.kom.ua_30.05.2014_kMueNZUesTGQdMany ambitious entrepreneurs, businessmen, leaders and professionals try to work as much as possible to build a successful career. One day, they find that the result is the opposite of their goals: career falling apart. «To achieve their goals, all means are good» — we are too blindly believe these words.

A successful career is not built without a stable personal life. Trying to find success, without sacrificing anything, it has become clear that we need a fundamentally different way. Here is a simple, but important advice: is it possible to reach career heights without sacrificing your own time. With the right attitude and strategy.

1. Assemble the perfect team for your tasks

Business is a team effort. No one can pull this weight alone. Protect the balance between work and personal life, by bringing the right team. Choose people with similar values but different skills. It should be people that you like and which motivate you. If you’re not the boss, you still try to structure the team.

2. Start and momentum

When you’re doing something, you need to put yourself in the position in which could happen something good. You can learn, you can confidently move towards the great goal. When you only dream, plan, think, and going, nothing happens. Start — albeit with a small first step leads to the next. Momentum is all-powerful: the progress will begin slowly and accelerate.

3. Properly build a schedule

The world is full of people who work to no avail, and often the reason lies in the unwillingness of the market to a new project. When we want to succeed and with no sacrifice, it is necessary to choose wisely the mission. We need to start something, than there is a tangible need. If you work in a company where something goes wrong, or try to fix it, or look for the best place where you can realize itself.

4. Try all

A typical way to spend time and money to build a huge plan, sitting at the table, and then discover that it is not viable. Often, the plan is based on misconceptions and therefore full of flaws. Better try a bit of everything. Try a new feature, new product marketing, new employee. Don’t think too much, instead rely on experience. Interview with candidate for the post a little about what tells, in particular, they will reveal he only has one skill of communicating with strangers.

5. —

A natural impulse is to fit into the landscape. Sometimes it’s a good strategy, but it lacks important insight: only differences can be useful. If you do the right thing, differences quickly lead you to customers, visitors and even you will focus on everyone’s attention.

6. Technology

Around the world thousands of people use the same tools, technology, gadgets and software to facilitate his work. Use Dropbox, Skype, WordPress and other technologies — will be on a horse, the more they are free.

7. People in the first place

When you’re busy, the first and your first impulse is to reduce the time to communicate with people, mainly with subordinates. This is the wrong approach. Team is the Foundation of your success, it helps you to go forward. Or she at least has the capability. People should be more important to you than other things, investing in relationships is important for success.

8. Eat someone else’s energy

Energy, motivation and drive will not appear in isolated workers. If you dwell on this, you will feel that some people charge you with energy and others drain. To be most effective, spend time with those who inspire you. Take their energy and build your.

9. Learn to listen

Permanently buzzing and bustling world of business it’s easy to forget what is more important is the ability to listen than it is to add your voice to the human hum. We penetrate to the core, only if we listen. When we speak, we usually speak of the already familiar things. Who do you like more: those who listen to you, or people who can’t wait to share your opinion on any account? Interestingly, we have a stronger impact on people, asking the right questions than talking incessantly.

10. Nothing more

In the workplace we are all trying to be as efficient as possible. However, in personal life, we often allow ourselves to include in the agenda of the secondary items. Find out what is for you a priority: exercise, or pleasant, or lead to important goals. Evaluate how you spend your free time. If you’re like most people, you probably can cut back on the daily routine. Free yourself time and do really important things.

11. Do not overdo it

Attitude to any task as feasible will only do you good, but it is important to realize that some things you are not able to control. Don’t freak out, it won’t help. Try and believe that everything you need can happen. Try using force harmful for any relationship, energy-consuming and unproductive. Know when to push and when to let go.

12. Follow your energy

It is easy to assume that work in accordance with a detailed plan people are more productive than their less disciplined colleagues. Incredibly important (for success and for the balance sheet) to know what and why you’re working, but it is also important to leave yourself room for improvisation. Take a habit to ask yourself the question: «what would I most effective?» Follow your energy and have more time and feel better.

13. Wear your brain

Many of us understand that we need regular exercise to our body was a pleasure to watch. Far fewer people recognize that the brain also needs a daily workout. We load the brain a lot during the day — maybe even too much. What we need is to give him other tasks, remember things that await us at home, or read in the evening press, to be aware of events. We must learn to see things from a different perspective, to empathize, to solve problems unconventionally. The best way to achieve this is meditation. 12 minutes a day — that is enough.

14. Sleep without a twinge of conscience

Lack of sleep affects your body how alcohol intoxication: slows reaction time, impairs mental capacity and focus. Still, it is considered normal and socially acceptable to come to work sleepy. Many of the day sleep four to six hours. This is too little and is dangerous to health and disability. Make it a priority to sleep at least seven hours a day — say, in 90% of cases.

15. Look at the meeting new

Meetings are planned to be busy during the day. They require us a lot of energy and make you sad to death. It so happened that the meeting always involves a joint seat on opposite sides of the table in the current place. This rule is rooted in the past. Try to hold the next meeting on the run, on a walk or sitting on a Park bench — the results will exceed all expectations! Especially good this way when it comes to creative problem solving.

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