Burn fat but not lose muscle mass

manygoodtips.com_28.03.2014_MtLQWjyipwSn7For most dudes that are actively growing and want to bring down the fat important question: «How not to lose muscle mass when swinging and lose weight?». Many dudes have extra fat that I want to remove. But I want to pump a lot of quality meat, often to be big and scary. Why, if you are good, you need to gain muscle mass? In order to create energy-consuming muscular corset. The presence of the muscular system helps us keep bones, joints and bodies in a safe frame, protecting it from damage. In addition, the muscular system is very energy intensive and makes you consume calories without in order to save money. Of course, if you continue to do at least some physical activity.

This article is relevant not only for those who want to gain muscle mass, but also for those who want to lose weight simply because one of the best ways to lose fat and increase the meat, which is much heavier than fat, easy like a shit.

1. Eat more protein foods

Protein not only helps build muscle, but is the most satisfying of the trio of food: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Full of protein, you will feel full way longer than from carbohydrate or fatty foods. Sometimes we think that we can have, only when you add bread or something zhirnenky. In fact, this is nothing more than a habit that causes us to consume more food with carbohydrates. Over time, harmful eating habits go, and is becoming easier and more useful.

2. Strength training

Cardio quite quickly becomes less effective, and interval cardio makes you burn more calories. Intense weight training makes you burn calories for several days after the training ended. Repair and recovery of damaged muscle fibers requires energy, which otherwise could be stored around the waist. Metabolic effect of strength training increases the amount of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

3. Reconsider their attitude towards snacks and snacking

Or stop snacking during the day, or including in your diet something completely different, for example, fruit. But much of them do not get involved, because they are very high in calories. But the dried berries is even possible. Dried berries, fresh berries and apples — here’s your perfect snack. Also remember about the coffee accident so can pointless calories «napit», almost the daily norm.

4. In any unclear situation drink water

Water should be drunk very much. Read more about this in the article about the amount of water consumed per day. The best way to get rid of hunger is to drink water. Sometimes we want to eat only because our traitorous stomach that used to eat at a certain time or in a certain amount wants to be filled. So pour yourself a glass of water and slowly drink it sadly. Wait for 15 minutes. The hunger will pass. So you’ll have to accustom yourself to eat strictly at the specified time.

5. Go in and move every day

Every day walk. Walk up the stairs without an Elevator, get out on a couple of stops to their home or walk around. This is especially necessary to do when you have a problem with time and is not always possible to fully train 3-4 times a week. During the lunch break, find time to walk. During working day take a walk around the office or in the corridors, to relax and to shake off fat.

6. Sleep

Quality sleep is very important for those who are actively practicing. The lack of sleep, which we love so much neglected up to a certain age, can negate a few workouts. Studies show that sleep-deprived people feel hunger much stronger, more prone to snacking and much faster and more willing to break to eat and buy sweets and alcohol. In the best case is 300 extra calories a day, and then you just want if losing weight. In addition, the lack of sleep negatively affects the production of useful for muscle growth and fat reduction hormones.

7. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast can sometimes skip, but preferably have it always. I am totally against the article about frequent skipping Breakfast if you long to eat Breakfast, nothing good will come of it. Skip one or two times Breakfast, but every day, Breakfast not bad always. The problem is that we don’t have enough time for Breakfast, but more often we lack motivation and self control to get up early and cook it yourself. It seems incredibly boring, it seems pointless, because sleep is always better. But an additional 15 sleep never helped, and sometimes did even more drowsy. After a 15-minute sleep — inadequate sleep. About caloric intake and the production of the necessary hormones, you should always remember, but about the sores too. However, there is no doubt and normal data confirmed that the majority of people who lost weight and were able to keep it, consume a healthy Breakfast. In addition, recent studies that oppose giving up Breakfast entirely, show that calories «saved» on the Breakfast in the morning is often filled with snacks in the evening and during the day. Give up Breakfast, so the hormones were raging, but don’t do it often. I am personally of the two control weeks, no Breakfast, a hike, even added, and certainly not meat.

8. Eat vegetables and greens

I know how many guys hate greens type of spinach. Personally, I found only a few ways it normally eat with olive oil and garlic. And another sandwich with cheese. But this crap is just phenomenally useful, so it would be nice to learn it. Imagine that there would be a massive loss of livestock or vegetarians take over the world. Personally it helped me stick to greens and vegetables. I also helped salty cheese, olive oil and pounds of spices, which the wife falls asleep salads. Even delicious when buckwheat and boiled chicken.

The same goes for Brussels sprouts and broccoli. If desired, they can also learn to eat more than that, they are suddenly delicious, for example, in a cheese soup.

9. Bread

Hell, I’ll probably catch a few negative reviews, but someone has to say it. Modern white bread is a premium quality, absolutely useless. To know you can do it from any tutorial for technologist or merchandiser. All the most useful: the bran, germ and some parts of the grain removed, because they contain prevents fat storage. The higher the grade of the bread, the less it uses, but it is more tasty, fragrant and sweet due to the decomposition of carbohydrates under the influence of saliva to monosaccharides. Most bread on the shelves of the store not bad, but completely useless. Given that most people in Russia openly abuse it harmful still. Bread made from whole grains is a good idea, there is only one thing: the majority of bread is not whole grain, but just interspersed with seeds and grains. If you want to lose weight, daily eating the bread should be abandoned. You’re going to argue that it’s hard, but it’s not. All quite real.

10. Good fats

The right fats in our diet will help burn fat. The normal sources of fat: lean meat, fish oil, vegetable oils: rapeseed, olive, sunflower, peanut.

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