Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard is a clipboard for papers bulletproof


Sometimes you charge some task, for example, volunteering to go to collect signatures — all this nonsense happens. But times are troubled. Or do you, for example, an artist living in a troubled neighborhood. In any case, you vital armor-piercing Ouija Board for papers.

This stuff will easily hold your recording and can also withstand a hit by a 9mm bullet from close range. What’s the point? It’s cool, man!

Weighs, however, the Ouija Board properly — 3 pounds, often to drag her with him will not work, but who need it to carry? So, for an important meeting. In General, with a planchette to live is not terrible, it’s almost like an extra chance to buy.

It can be purchased for $ 45. If interested, look on thinkgeek.com

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